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The cleaning of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is approaching the new year. How should the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows be maintained

the cleaning of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is approaching the new year. How should the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows be maintained

maintenance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

1. Cleaning

the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows should not be cleaned with ordinary soap and washing powder, nor with strong acid-base cleaners such as decontamination powder and toilet detergent. You can use a soft cloth with clean water or neutral detergent

2. Repair and replace

sealing wool and glass glue are the key to ensure the sealing, thermal insulation and waterproof of bridge broken aluminum doors and windows. In case of falling off, repair and replace them in time

3. Avoid heavy pressure

when cleaning broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, do not step on the aluminum frame, nor pull the frame for support

4. Corrosion prevention and lubrication

after rainy days, the rain drops on the glass and door and window frames should be wiped away in time, and special attention should be paid to the cleaning of accumulated water in the chute. If the chute is used for a long time, the friction will increase accordingly. You can add a little engine oil or apply a layer of wax oil for lubrication

5. Check and seal

often check the junction of the broken bridge aluminum door and window frame wall. If it is loose over time, it is very easy to deform the whole frame, so that the doors and windows cannot be closed and sealed, so the screws at the connection should be tightened immediately. If the screw footing is loose, it should be sealed with a small amount of cement with epoxy strong glue in time

6. When using

bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, you should push and pull gently, and the push and pull should be natural. If you find it difficult, don't use it forcibly. You should troubleshoot it first

ash deposition and deformation are the main reasons for the difficulty of pushing and pulling aluminum alloy doors and windows. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the door frame clean, especially the sliding groove. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust in the groove and the top of the door seal

7. Maintenance of spare parts

you should always check and tighten the bolts, positioning shafts, wind braces, ground springs, etc., timely replace the damaged parts and vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and regularly add lubricating oil to keep them clean and flexible

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