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Ceiling plays a very important role in home decoration. Generally, most people will use square ceiling for decoration, and a few people will use round ceiling for decoration. So, what are the installation skills of circular ceiling? What should we pay attention to in the decoration of circular ceiling? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction

circular ceiling installation skills

1 What are the installation skills of circular ceiling? If it is a circular ceiling installed in the porch, the circular ceiling here should be high rather than low. If it is too low, it will be very oppressive, which is a bad omen in Feng Shui, meaning that this family will always be oppressed and it is difficult to make a head start. The circular ceiling at the porch should be installed higher, so that politeness and better circulation will make people more comfortable, and natural air transportation will come

2. For the color of the round ceiling, the color should not be too dark. If the color of the ceiling at the porch is too dark, there will be a feeling that the top is heavy and the bottom is light. In Feng Shui, there is an earth shaking pattern, which symbolizes that the family is out of order, and the top and bottom are not harmonious. Only when the color of the round ceiling is lighter than the floor, it is normal

3. The ceiling at the porch should be round and square, but not triangular. Some people will install several downlights at the porch in order to make the decorative effect better. However, it is very bad to arrange these lights in a triangle. In geomantic omen, this situation of forming three inverted incense sticks is very disadvantageous for home furnishing. If it is arranged in a circle or square, there is no problem. In Feng Shui, circle symbolizes League members, and square symbolizes squareness and stability

what should we pay attention to in the decoration of circular ceiling

1 For the ceiling decoration of the bedroom, if the round ceiling with mirror glass can be used, the scene of the whole room will be reflected in the air, which will have a great impact on the vision. Some people will use purple round ceiling to decorate the restaurant, thinking it can be upgraded to a higher level, which is very elegant. However, if the ceiling of the restaurant is relatively low, it is not suitable to install a circular ceiling, which will make people feel inexplicably oppressive. Some people think it will be more beautiful to install a concave convex personalized round ceiling in the restaurant, but it will be easy to get dirty and not easy to clean. Some people think it will be nice to install colorful round ceilings in the restaurant, but this will make the whole restaurant look more impetuous

2. The color of the circular ceiling in the corridor should also be light rather than dark, which should pay special attention to the principle of light sky and heavy ground. Therefore, the color of the circular ceiling in the aisle should be sky blue, light color, white color, etc., so as to avoid the feeling of top heavy

3. The color of the wall at the porch should be moderate. The color of the circular ceiling at the top of the porch should be the lightest, and the color of its corresponding ground should be the deepest, while the color of the wall in the middle should be between the upper and lower colors. In this way, there will be a transition, which will be better in Feng Shui

article summary: we Chinese people pay special attention to Feng Shui, so we should pay attention to every decoration of their houses. Where should the round ceiling be installed? What are the installation skills? What are the precautions? The above Xiaobian has introduced, you can refer to





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