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[Yihe doors and windows] at present, various favorable policies for the real estate market are constantly introduced, which stimulate the whole sunshine housing industry like a needle. However, although the momentum seems strong, it has not really brought any impact to the industry; However, it cannot be ignored that the current promotions and prices are always hot. In such a volatile and dangerous market, sunshine house manufacturers need to be more vigilant in their development and actively formulate plans to deal with it

now, the state has begun to vigorously promote the construction of urbanization, which has fully stimulated the economies of the two regional markets and accelerated the development speed. However, the rapid development of sunshine real estate industry is not a good thing, which leads to the delay in the establishment of the market order system, making the whole industry in a state of disorder, and the continuous competition between sunshine real estate manufacturers

however, even if the crisis continues, even if the prospect of development is still difficult, sunshine housing manufacturers must have the spirit of facing difficulties. Only in this way can they have a greater chance to seize opportunities and move forward to their goals step by step. For a long time, the sunshine housing industry has a certain dependence on the property market. Therefore, sunshine housing manufacturers need to be careful of the emergence of the foam phenomenon. In the coming of various severe forms, the development of sunshine housing manufacturers cannot be blind. They must be practical in order to steadily avoid risks

in conclusion, the situation of sunshine housing market is very chaotic now. Sunshine housing manufacturers should know how to wait for the opportunity, and then take advantage of the situation, seize the development opportunities, and effectively formulate response plans for the market

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