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Recently, the circle of friends has been swiped by a name. Presumably, everyone has seen it somewhere: Er Qing, who is er Qing? Erkang's sister? Are you talking about the following one

of course not. Er Qing is a villain in the recent Qing palace drama "strategies for the celebration of the Jubilee". She is a very scheming white lotus. 90% of the people in my circle of friends want to buy to murder her. They hate her to the bone and look forward to her taking the lunch box every day. On the day Er Qing dies, the general circle celebrates together

speaking of the TV series Yanxi introduction, Amway must give it to everyone. Xiaoge, who hasn't watched Qinggong opera for decades, couldn't help brushing more than a dozen episodes and couldn't stop at all. What is its charm? It's not only the excellent acting skills of the actors and the exquisite beauty of the costumes and props, but also the shooting of the classic style of the play, which makes people sink

how to move this decoration style back to your home without being dull and thick? Let's talk about the new Chinese decoration style with you

I believe you will not feel unfamiliar with the new Chinese decoration style. After all, you have learned more or less about it and decorated it yourself, but this decoration style is not easy to grasp. A little more Chinese elements will show a sense of massiness, make the home lose warmth, and make people feel depressed and boring

then, how to build the new Chinese style? Just follow the following points

add Chinese partition

Chinese style pays attention to the sense of hierarchy of space. At the entrance or where it is necessary to isolate the line of sight, rockery walls are used as partitions. If it is in indoor space, screen or window lattice, Chinese wooden door and other elements are used to show the hierarchical beauty of Chinese home

the new Chinese decoration as shown in the above figure uses the simplified Chinese "Bogu shelf" as the porch, which not only meets the storage function, but also echoes the style of the whole space, reflecting the elegant artistic conception of antiquity. The hollowed out design of the upper part makes the space more transparent and spacious

furniture with simple lines

the decoration of the new Chinese style can be matched with classical furniture or modern furniture. The accessories are mainly furniture with simple lines, which is relatively simple, reflecting the living requirements of modern people to pursue a simple life, making the "new Chinese style" more practical and modern

this restaurant, which is outlined with simple lines, takes simplicity and nature as the beauty, and strives to be simple and comfortable in the decoration process. It is simple but not lack of classics, classical but not dull. The ceiling design and classical lighting enhance the artistic sense of the whole space

use classic colors

the new Chinese style pays attention to white space. This bedroom with light colors inherits the ancient Chinese style in color, without losing the sense of modernity. The simple soft clothing collocation design gives people a sense of tranquility, relieves pressure, and returns to nature and simplicity

quiet, pleasing to the eye, comfortable and calm style are generally the characteristics of new Chinese design. Like the bedroom design in the above figure, it adopts elegant colors, which not only caters to the introverted and simple style pursued by Chinese style furniture, but also creates a soft and quiet atmosphere. It is an ideal place to rest

rich Chinese soft clothes

new Chinese style can be matched with some accessories, such as porcelain, pottery, calligraphy and painting and other Chinese classical items, which can not only bring rich visual effects to the space, but also show the eternal beauty of Chinese traditional art

symmetrical layout is a feature of the new Chinese style. This living room, which is shaped by simple and neat lines, is square and harmonious, with a full sense of hierarchy. The use of Chinese elements such as ink painting and "taishiyi" makes the space ancient, but also new

the design of the study is relatively simple. It only uses the combination of classical lighting, scattered lattices, flowers and other elements to integrate modern and traditional together, presenting a home life full of elegant taste that runs through China and the west, integrates ancient and modern

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