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Brief discussion on the marketing strategy of green products Abstract: green products are the trend of world commodity development, the key to the implementation of green marketing strategy, and the key to meet the green needs of consumers and compete for the market. This paper discusses the marketing strategy of green products in detail in five steps, which has strong operability

key words: green product marketing strategy

green marketing, which is reflected in the "green" strategy of enterprise marketing activities. As a multi-level comprehensive concept, it covers green ideas, green goods and green services. Compared with traditional marketing, green marketing emphasizes the interests of the living environment of human society and emphasizes the coordination of enterprise activities and development with environmental protection and ecological balance; It is emphasized that enterprises should embody green in marketing activities, which is conducive to environmental protection and human health, reduce pollution, and make rational use of resources, so as to fundamentally safeguard the common interests of consumers, society and enterprises. Green demand is the basis of green marketing. Green product strategy, green price strategy, green promotion strategy, green channel strategy and green service strategy are implemented. The green product strategy bears the brunt

the core of green products is to give people more and more benefits or values. This kind of benefit is reflected through the product quality, physical function, packaging and added value. Green products mainly include two categories: natural products and pollution-free products. China's Haier, Meiling, Xinfei and other household electrical appliance enterprises have launched green refrigerators and green air conditioners to the market; Jianlibao, Yefeng and other enterprises have launched green drinks to the market. Green products are the trend of world commodity development, the key to implement green marketing strategy, and the key to meet consumers' green needs and compete for the market

to implement green product strategy, enterprises should start from the following points:

accurately collect green information

information collection includes: green consumption information, green science and technology information, green resources and green product development information, green regulations information, green organization information, green competition information, green market scale information, etc. Faced with a large number of green business opportunities, enterprises should, on the basis of analyzing their own operating characteristics and conditions, start from the market demand, collect relevant green information, deeply study the authenticity and feasibility of the information, correctly select the target market and market positioning of green products according to the real and feasible green information, develop appropriate green products in a planned and purposeful way, and develop and occupy the corresponding market, Take corresponding countermeasures in time

develop green products

people's green needs have laid the foundation for enterprises to develop green products, and green information has provided a basis for enterprises to develop green products. Green products are the basis and key of green marketing. The research and development of green products is to systematically integrate the green concept into the research and development of products to reduce errors. The development of green products is the key to the green transformation of existing products. The development of green products should focus on the following two aspects: the green design of core products. That is, the product design with environment and resource protection as the core and the latest environmental labeling system and the latest international labeling system in the market where the product is sold as the basis. This design actually requires that less resources and energy be used in the production process, so as not to pollute the environment as much as possible; The product does not pollute the environment in the process of use, consumes low energy, and is easy to disassemble, recycle and renovate after use

design of green packaging. There is much to be done about the green content in packaging. At present, the popular packaging methods and packaging materials in the market often cause a lot of waste of resources and serious environmental pollution, such as plastic bags, cans, etc., which can only be decomposed after 10 years and more than 0 years of narrowing of steel mill profits. In order to save resources, the packaging design of green products should be as short, small, light and thin as possible. On the one hand, develop and use pollution-free packaging materials; On the other hand, we should develop and produce economical green packaging. Green packaging is an important part of green product design. The impact of packaging and its residues on the environment should be minimized. Meet the requirements of "recyclable" and "biodegradable". It is a successful example that the "white pollution" along the railway, which has been troubled for many years, is solved by the disposable degradable lunch box. It is also a successful example for P & G to replace plastic packaging with recycled paper packaging and redesign plastic packaging to reduce plastic consumption

promoting green production

green production is the only way for enterprises to develop. In the whole economic activities of human society, production and consumption are two inseparable links. If a manufacturer only knows how to produce green products without paying attention to environmental protection in the production process, polluting the atmosphere, water quality or damaging natural resources, it seems to be for the health of consumers on the surface, but in fact it indirectly damages the interests of consumers. A successful and sensible enterprise should not only produce green products, but also conduct green production. In the production process, the production process should be improved as much as possible to achieve the purpose of finding green marketing essentials. In addition, the fuel quality of automobile internal combustion engine should be enhanced to fully burn gasoline, so as to reduce the exhaust emissions. Or improve the process management level of production products, and try to reduce the production of industrial waste, etc. Industrial production is a double-edged sword. It not only makes people enjoy the convenience and relaxation brought by industrial civilization, but also makes people taste the bitter fruit of environmental pollution. According to relevant data, most of the environmental pollution in the world today is caused by enterprises in the production process. Therefore, only by making the production link green can we completely eliminate the environmental damage caused by industrial production and protect the blue water and blue sky in our living environment

green production is the requirement of enterprise production process. With the progress of human society and the improvement of civilization, the pollution-free production of enterprises has increasingly become the mainstream of modern society, which not only reflects the good social sense of enterprises, but also realizes the "humanization" side of enterprise production, and truly realizes the production concept of "science and technology is people-oriented". Requirements for the production process of green products: first, select green resources, such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy and other renewable resources, minimize the consumption of non renewable resources, focus on the use of pollution-free, conservation oriented new energy and materials, reduce the use of hazardous materials, and adopt new technologies and equipment to save energy and resources and improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources; Accelerate the technological transformation focusing on clean mineral combustion and energy saving; Carry out recycling and recycling of raw materials, and comprehensively utilize corner cutting and waste materials; Strengthen the storage and transportation management of raw materials, equipment, fuel and other substances and the management of production process to prevent the loss and leakage of materials; Comprehensive treatment of industrial "three wastes" will be carried out. Secondly, clean production process, reduce various risk factors in the production process, use less waste and no waste process, simple and reliable operation and control

design green brand

consumers have a vague understanding of the current concept of green products, because it is not very clear what the differences between green products and general products will bring to consumers, and it is difficult to judge whether a commodity is a green product. At the time of purchase, it is often only based on the name of the enterprise, whether the product brand is famous, whether it is a green brand, etc. to judge whether the product is a green product. Therefore, enterprises must highlight the distinctive green features in brand design, so as to facilitate consumers' identification and purchase

developing green product management

designing and producing green products that meet the needs of consumers and environmental protection standards is a prerequisite for the survival and development of enterprises. Successful green product management is a necessary link. It is an important part of green product management to provide consumers with a fresh and pleasant shopping place to obtain both physical and psychological satisfaction. The basic requirements are:

display scientifically and reasonably. Only scientific and reasonable display can make full use of shelves and achieve the purpose of safe display of goods. Otherwise, random display and manipulation may destroy the quality of some commodities or even completely lose their use value. For example, the same operation of food and cosmetics, and the adjacent placement of gasoline and clothing may bring about this consequence. At present, many shopping malls have added catering business items. Due to the higher dependence of imported goods on the environment and stricter requirements on health standards, more attention should be paid to the scientific manipulation and display of different business items and goods, otherwise serious accidents will be caused

appropriate decoration shall be carried out for polymer material enterprises adding functional groups such as maleic anhydride, and no or less decorative materials harmful to human body shall be used. Today, with the deepening of the people's awareness of environmental protection, the decoration design of shopping malls also needs to reflect the requirements of environmental protection. According to the scale and business characteristics of enterprises, we should only seek the degree, not "covet the big and seek the foreign", and blindly pursue "high standards". In the process of decoration, green decorative materials should be used as much as possible, and no or less decorative ornaments harmful to human body should be used. A green shopping mall may not be as beautiful as a luxurious commercial building, but it will be more favored by people

try to reduce dust and noise pollution. A commercial enterprise is a special place with a large number of people and strong mobility. In the process of operation, it will form large dust and noise pollution, which will endanger the physical and mental health of customers and employees. With the continuous expansion of the scale of commercial enterprises, this problem is becoming more and more serious. Obviously, this is contrary to the requirements of green operation, which must be seriously solved:

first, the most fundamental way is to strictly control the scale of enterprises. Because the larger the scale, the greater the flow of people, and the more serious the pollution

second, improve the scientificity of enterprise design. According to the flow of target customers, sufficient customer flow channels and reasonable flow routes shall be designed to avoid crowding, convection and invalid crossing

third, promote the practice of no salesperson and reduce the number of business personnel

fourthly, modern dust removal and reduction equipment are adopted to reduce the dust content in the air to the range specified by the state

fifthly, non-interference service is implemented, the use of in store broadcast system and audio is strictly restricted, and the salesperson can provide language service only when customers need it. Through these measures, the noise of the mall is reduced to the minimum

to sum up, green marketing is a new marketing method, which is different from the traditional marketing mode. In addition to the traditional marketing factors, it should also involve the natural environment and social interests. We should treat environmental management as an important task of marketing management, look at the relationship between environmental investment and enterprises from a long-term perspective, and establish a good image that enterprises attach importance to social welfare. Straighten out the relationship between the current and long-term interests of the enterprise, the local interests of the enterprise and the overall interests of the society and ecological interests, and establish the concept of long-term development of the enterprise and coordinated development with the natural environment

Author: lisuying, School of management, Bohai University

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