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Talking about the management characteristics of paper molded products

due to the needs of environmental protection, pulp molding, as a new industry, is gradually moving towards the society. But in recent years, in the eyes of most people, pulp molded products are paper tableware, and their understanding of paper mold industrial packaging materials is vague. Since 1992, the author has presided over the preparation for the construction of three Guangdong Hong Kong joint-venture industrial paper mold products factories. Now, the author makes a superficial analysis of the operating characteristics of this major and makes a brief comparison with paper mold tableware, for the reference of units and individuals interested in this project

I. The trend of intelligentization and digitalization of paper mold industrial equipment is bound to take shape in the market of bihang packaging materials

with the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the use of foamed plastics will be gradually restricted in the packaging of industrial products at home and abroad. The development of our country in recent years has proved this point. At the end of 1994, Hong Kong Baoda environmental protection packaging Co., Ltd. invested in setting up a factory in Dongguan and established the first industrial paper support production line. Due to the continuous improvement of technology and management and the success of market development, it has developed into a large-scale paper support factory that can shorten the cycle time required for the large-scale production of battery modules and battery packs. There are two large-scale paper support factories with more than 10000 square meters each, with a total of eight production lines. At present, new workshops are still under construction, and ten production lines will be put into operation in the first half of 2000. From a market perspective, once the production period of foamed plastic tableware prohibited by national legislation expires, the market demand for paper tableware will also increase rapidly

II. Packaging high-value goods with low-grade raw materials is the economic basis for the paper mold industry to obtain better returns

paper mold industrial paper holders generally use the leftover materials of cartons and old newspapers as raw materials. They have low value and sufficient supply of goods, while the packaging objects are often some high-end electronic products, mechanical parts and handicrafts. For example, computer hardware, audio, fax machine, high-end, micro motor, auto parts, lamps, etc. Due to the high value of the packaged goods, the internal packaging cost acceptable to customers is also relatively high. In this respect, the tableware of the same pulp molded products is the opposite. They use high-end materials to package low-value items, so it will be relatively difficult to make profits

III. The paper mold production technology content is high, so it is not easy to have a swarm of bees

as each style of paper molded products made of industrial packaging materials is a special new product, it can only be formally mass produced through the procedures of design, mold making and sample making. At present, there are mainly two situations, testing and correction. In addition, the amount of profit has a great relationship with the production process and management level. Therefore, investors must consider carefully. In addition to capital, they should also consider the staffing, professional training, etc, Unlike the paper tableware, as long as the funds are in place, a selected equipment supplier can start immediately. In addition, there are many kinds of paper molds used as industrial packaging materials. Generally speaking, the continuous production time of each style of product will not be too long, so it is not easy for the same product to compete with each other. However, the varieties of paper tableware are monotonous, and the continuous production time of each style is very long, which is very prone to vicious competition. Moreover, the geometric shape of industrial packaging paper molded products is complex, the volume of the same style after stacking and packaging is large, and the long-distance transportation cost is high. It is not easy for researchers to introduce cross regional competition. Paper mold tableware is easy to stack and pack due to its simple shape, so the long-distance transportation cost is low. As long as there is a market, cross regional sales competition is likely to occur

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