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Viewing the marketing strategy of B2B stations from the perspective of user needs

1 The basic mode and characteristics of B2B stations

when talking about the mode of B2B stations, the first thing I think of may be an information platform that releases supply and demand information or matches transactions for enterprises. In fact, this is just one of the modes. According to the different ways in which enterprises participate, the main modes of B2B stations can be divided into three categories: B2B stations of large enterprises, B2B stations operated by third parties, and B2B stations of industrial ecotype. Different types of B2B stations have their own characteristics and modes of operation

(1) B2B stations of large enterprises

in order to provide efficiency, reduce inventory, reduce the cost of procurement, sales, after-sales service, or for other reasons, transactions between enterprises and their users or suppliers are completed through interconnection. Therefore, B2B stations are established to realize e-commerce among enterprises. In fact, the transaction volume of B2B stations of large enterprises dominates the total amount of e-commerce transactions among all enterprises

obviously, the enterprises that can use this system are mainly users, suppliers, partners and other departments or institutions related to the business activities of enterprises, such as taxation, customs, etc. for a large number of other enterprises, they need to rely on the B2B station operated by the third party to be introduced below

(2) third party operated B2B stations

network enterprises' significant contribution to the traditional economy lies in the establishment of a large number of "platforms" for enterprises that are unable to build e-commerce systems. Third party operated B2B stations are one of various platforms, such as Alibaba Global trade information, which provides information publishing platforms for buyers and sellers, facilitates trading opportunities, and provides users with the conditions for online communication. This kind of information platform station has several values for enterprises, which are mainly reflected in: increasing market opportunities, comparing supply channels, promoting project cooperation as long as these factors are overcome, enterprise brand publicity, etc

increase market opportunities: by publishing product supply information on the B2B transaction information platform, enterprises reduce the cost of advertising, expand the market coverage that is difficult to cover by using traditional media, help directly promote new orders, increase new customers, and broaden the sales channels of enterprises

compare supply channels: for products with large price differences, products purchased in large quantities, or products or equipment that users do not know the market for the first time, by understanding the information released by the supplier of B2B station, the buyer can easily understand the basic situation of multiple suppliers. Through multi-party comparison, the buyer can find products that meet their own needs and have relatively moderate prices. Using traditional methods to understand the same number of suppliers often takes longer and costs more

facilitate project cooperation: compared with product sales, B2B stations may contribute more to the cooperation between enterprises, because for most industrial and commercial enterprises, they mainly focus on product production and sales, usually have relatively stable sales channels, and it is always possible to obtain orders through B2B stations, just like the project cooperation between enterprises, it is only occasionally encountered, with great unpredictability, Generally, it is impossible to have a mature information release channel. The cooperative information release function provided by B2B stations may achieve unexpected results

enterprise brand publicity: for most small and medium-sized enterprises, there is little or almost no special brand promotion budget. Making full use of the information release function of B2B stations, who can deny the brand publicity function it brings

(3) ecotypic B2B stations in the industry

ecotypic B2B stations in the industry can actually be understood as a special case of B2B stations operated by third parties, that is, e-commerce stations targeting enterprises in a certain industry, sometimes referred to as vertical portals or industry portals. Compared with comprehensive B2B stations, it is characterized by strong professionalism and usually has the background of industry resources, which makes it easier to concentrate industry resources, attract the participation of most members in the industry ecosystem, and easily attract the attention of international buyers and bulk buyers. Therefore, in recent years, vertical stations have become a more respected development model in inter enterprise e-commerce

no structure and function 1. Integrated green building materials and other advanced building materials are the focus of development. B2B stations in the same industry may have certain differences in functions, but in general, they still belong to information release platform stations. For example, Yichuang chemical industry is an Internet trading network with the most complete functions and the most comprehensive information in China's chemical industry. It provides users with an open, all-weather platform for the exchange of supply and demand between Chinese and foreign chemicals. In addition to the free release of business information on the political bulletin board, users also open two-way bidding modes: auction and bidding; In addition to providing services such as supply and demand information release and member station link, Chinese clocks also provide members with service items such as input and management data; China's grain trade integrates a series of functions such as purchasing, auction and trading, and the station collects annual membership fees

based on the above analysis of the basic mode and characteristics of B2B stations, it should be noted that sometimes, the government, as an enterprise user, needs to purchase through stations. In general, government procurement can be regarded as a general enterprise user. However, the government is a special user, that is, it only buys 2. Construction machines and tools without selling goods. Therefore, strictly speaking, e-commerce between enterprises involves two forms: e-commerce between enterprises and e-commerce between enterprises and the government. Sometimes, e-commerce between enterprises and the government is taken as a separate model, called B2G

2. The main marketing strategy of B2B stations

speaking of marketing strategy, we will first connect with traditional enterprises. In fact, the stations are also enterprises. The various information platforms, trading platforms or other platforms established are not for free to support the development of traditional enterprises, or just for fun. Their purpose is also to make profits, but they do not have the conditions to make profits in the current immature environment, Therefore, B2B stations also need to explore the market and marketing for their own development needs. For hundreds of B2B stations at present, how about the general strategy of high marketing accuracy

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