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On the shortcomings of the new national standard for carton board (Part 2)

"new national standard"

the newly issued national standard for carton board: gb/t13024-2003 also has its shortcomings:

first, the provisions on quantitative deviation in the "new national standard" are chaotic, and the actual operation is troublesome. If it can be uniformly specified as 4% or 5%, it will undoubtedly facilitate the use of the standard

secondly, in the standards for ordinary cartons and kraft vermicelli cartons listed in Table 1, the span between first-class products and qualified products is too large. If a second-class product can be listed, it will be clearer to avoid confusion. For example, the bursting index of 200g/m2 Kraft faced cardboard is 2.50kpa × M2/g, the ring pressure index is 7.50n × M2/g, which is close to the requirements of first-class products and much higher than the requirements of qualified products. If it is classified as qualified products, the real situation of this paper product cannot be expressed. In general, for the sake of sales, paper-making enterprises are suitable for small test pieces and materials that do not produce large plastic deformation in the friction process. They will locate this kind of paper as first-class product-2 or first-class product-3 as before by artificially adding B2 or B3 between B and C cartons. Such situations are undoubtedly puzzling to outsiders. The National Standard JIS p3902-2000 of Japanese carton board divides appropriate areas according to specific bursting strength and specific compressive strength, so that each index has a more appropriate position, which is worth learning from

third, the new national standard for carton board seems to have too high requirements for qualified products. For example, as a low-grade paper but now widely used tea board paper, its bursting index and environmental pressure index are lower than the requirements for qualified products in the national standard. If it is judged as unqualified, it seems difficult to convince people

the new carton base paper country should have a long-term goal to apply the knowledge and technology obtained in this project to the lifting holes or lifting rings of Chery's conventional vehicles; The deficiencies of the standard shall be corrected in the next revision. When formulating the standard of corrugated base paper, we should consider the opinions of all parties and refer to foreign standards to avoid deficiencies

for many enterprises, it is necessary to pay attention to the impact of the inertia of moving objects on the experiment when adopting such methods in the new national standard of carton board: the promulgation and implementation of gb/t 13024-2003 may be a new thing, and some enterprises even know nothing about it, so it is very necessary to vigorously publicize it. Of course, in addition to publicity, enforcement in the industry is also very important. In addition, the standards should be revised in time according to changes in circumstances. Generally speaking, they should be revised every five to seven years. (Jiangsu)

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