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France attaches great importance to packaging identification, especially in the aspect of agricultural product identification. At present, France has a series of agricultural product quality assurance signs for consumers to purchase high-quality products, and to identify the region of origin of products when purchasing wine, cheese, poultry or vegetables

generally speaking, French farms/farmers need to meet high requirements and comply with very strict technical standards to obtain such product identification or certification. However, once the farm has such a mark or certification, it can ensure that their products have a good value return. In order to guarantee the quality of products or the source of labels to consumers, French farms/farmers now have three kinds of packaging labels to choose from: one is "naming control of origin" (AOC) and "geographical protection label" (IGP); Second, red label; The third is "product qualification certificate" (CCP)

aoc marking - naming control of origin (1935)

France attaches great importance to the origin of products, and the "naming control of origin" marking is the oldest method. This AOC method was founded in 1935. Only products with the characteristics of origin can obtain this kind of mark. According to the regulations of the French Ministry of agriculture, "origin naming control" means the close relationship between a certain product and a certain region in the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, and this product needs to meet certain quality requirements, special requirements on origin or manufacturing. "Naming control of origin" was initially only applicable to wine or spirits. Later, the AOC logo was extended to dairy products in the 1960s and agricultural products and food after 1990. Today, about 1000 products have "origin naming control" packaging marks

red label

red label was first used in 1965. The red label is the guarantee of excellent commodity quality. To have a red label on a certain product, it must meet strict standard requirements and be inspected at all stages of production, processing and sales of agricultural products. Only after the centralized application and strict examination can the red label be obtained

at present, more than 500 units of products in France have obtained red labels. Among them, famous users of grass planting can test new materials by using three predefined structures to understand how they deposit grass seeds on the printing bed, inspect the surface damage degree of the test piece garlic in lotrex, Tarn Province, lingots beans in the north, and Belle potatoes in Xie Xi cooperative, central France. However, the industry that uses the most red labels is the poultry industry, especially chickens and turkeys

ccp identification - product qualification certificate

in France, from wheat flour to certified lettuce, the adoption of "product qualification certificate" (CCP) is a relatively new method to control the degree of crystallization, which will become more and more difficult. It is the shortest history of product quality identification

1990, France introduced this method of "CCP certification". It is to prove that a certain agricultural product has certain quality or meets the special production regulations specified in the technical requirements. The products are strictly inspected, and the specific production regulations should be indicated on the product packaging label. About 300 products have been issued with "product certificate". This kind of mark can assure consumers that the quality of agricultural products purchased is stable and different from ordinary products. In terms of food crops, sans cooperative in the south of Paris applied for product qualification certification for reasonably planted food crops. Grannysud potatoes, ready to eat lettuce in the fifth season and ready to eat wild lettuce in the fifth season have also obtained "product certificates"

in France, the distribution and management of packaging labels are very strict. The red labels and "product certificates" of agricultural product packaging are uniformly issued by the French identification and Certification Commission (CHLC)

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