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Talking about the methods to improve the teaching quality of mechanical drawing as an important professional basic course, the students' mastery of the knowledge and skills of mechanical drawing will directly affect the follow-up learning and post adaptation. Mechanical drawing can exchange ideas in engineering circles by studying the problems of ningjian geometry, solving the problems of expressing ningjian objects (graphic method) and illustrating ningjian geometry (graphic method) on the plane

as a vocational and technical school for training intermediate technical personnel, the following problems generally exist in the study of mechanical drawing courses for mechanical students at this stage:

the lack of knowledge of systematic projection geometry, that is, the projection of three views of graphics, and the lack of imagination make it difficult to understand and complete complex projection relationships: ultimately, the drawing speed is slow, Weak awareness of national standards: lack of ability to compare and distinguish similar principles and concepts, resulting in frequent confusion and mistakes in application

in addition, as graduates of technical secondary schools, on the one hand, they should meet the needs of the society and have certain production labor knowledge and skills; on the other hand, they should meet the needs of people's follow-up development to adapt to the changes of the new situation, and have the ability to continue learning, self-adjustment and enrichment

in view of these problems, how to carry out the teaching of this course is a subject we must explore. In order to improve and improve the teaching quality of this course and train students to become talents to meet the needs of the society, we should explain the key points of basic theoretical knowledge in detail, carefully design teaching plans, reasonably implement teaching innovation, reasonably select teaching methods, timely summarize teaching experience, give definite guidance to students and help them learn this course well

1 basic theoretical knowledge focuses on detailed explanation

the teaching of basic theoretical knowledge plays an important role in students' understanding of cognitive subjects, specific specifications and requirements, learning methods, and improving learning interest. For example, the drawing specification, font and size, writing method, drawing line form, such as when to use thick solid lines, when to use thin solid lines, when to use center lines, etc., as well as the role of each line, dimensioning, graphic representation, etc., shall be in accordance with the national unified standards. In order to cultivate students' rigorous and meticulous work style, these details must be explained clearly

the main contents of this course include the following aspects: basic knowledge of drawings, geometric drawing, projection drawing (the most important is three views), representation methods of machine parts, part drawings, standard parts and common parts, assembly drawings, expansion drawings, etc. Among them, the basic knowledge of drawings is to introduce the basic drawing standards, preliminarily understand the knowledge of three views, draw, the company decided to continue the use of environmental protection line tools, geometric drawing, etc.: projection drawing, the representation method of mechanical parts, and the introduction of the schematic principle and expression method of mechanical drawings, which are the key content of the course, and also the key and difficult points of our teaching. For students to establish the concept of peace It is very important to cultivate students' imagination ability: as for part drawings, standard parts and common parts, assembly drawings, expansion drawings, etc., they are the rules and methods to introduce the drawing recognition and drawing of mechanical drawings. They are the part with strong applicability, which is conducive to students' learning and future development of other subjects, and also an important link to combine with practice

2, the content is detailed and appropriate, and the teaching concept of giving priority to skills

our teaching goal is to cultivate new workers with high quality, strong hands-on ability and solving practical production problems. Therefore, in the process that the teaching market of mechanical drawing is the effective way to test products, teachers must, on the basis of in-depth study of teaching materials, aim at the law of students' thinking development process and cognitive ability, and ensure that the teaching content is detailed and appropriate, and the teaching sequence is reasonably adjusted. In addition, in the teaching process, teachers teach students in accordance with their aptitude, reasonably arrange the depth and difficulty of teaching, and embody the teaching concept of "learning, using and enough"

in the arrangement of teaching materials, we should not only take the teaching materials as the basket, but also not stick to the teaching materials. The basic theoretical knowledge such as "basic concept of projection", "three view drawing method and knowledge" should be taught in advance in the course to help students master the basic knowledge of projection and three view, and form a peaceful concept in the brain, so as to facilitate the understanding and acceptance of deeper mapping knowledge. In teaching, the physical teaching method and heuristic teaching method should be adopted to improve students' comprehensive map reading and map reading. Professor ITO, who plans to realize the actual utilization of new material automobiles in 10 years, is full of confidence and drawing ability

3 combine teaching with fun, impart knowledge

conduct in-depth research, firmly grasp the professional characteristics of students and students' ability to accept new knowledge and skills, adopt a variety of teaching methods, strive to combine "knowledge and interest", combine teaching with fun, and impart knowledge on the basis of reducing students' learning pressure

in the process of teaching, teachers adopt various teaching methods and means. The ultimate goal is to enable students to learn better and master knowledge more quickly and deeply. This requires teachers to be creative, interesting and exploratory in teaching, from selecting content and organizing implementation to specific teaching forms and methods

(1) in the cooperative activities of teaching and learning, students are the main body of learning, and teachers play a leading role in teaching. How teachers should mobilize students' learning initiative and stimulate their thirst for knowledge has become a crucial issue. Confucius said: it is better to learn than to know, to know than to be good, and to be good than to be happy. Temporal teachers can break down the fixed effort of thinking and arouse the interest of Fu Zhi. Only by turning learning into an interest can they better learn the knowledge they have learned, transform the boring indoctrination of knowledge into multi-mode active learning, from "want me to learn" to "I want to learn", bring joy to the classroom and teach the knowledge they have taught to the students in a relaxed learning environment. For example, in the teaching of imagining stereograms according to three views, we can combine the physical model teaching materials to let students imagine while observing, inspire and encourage students to think and discuss whether there are the second, third or even more possibilities of stereograms, which will help to cultivate students' peaceful imagination ability and expand their peaceful thinking

(2) go deep into students and teach for their talents. Only by mastering the students' learning foundation, learning ability and the degree of professional knowledge requirements, closely following the professional requirements, selecting the teaching content, supplemented by appropriate teaching means and methods, can the teaching effect be achieved. At the same time of giving consideration to teaching equity, we also pay attention to the poor personality of students_ Film, carry out layered teaching, allow and accept "eccentric talents" or even "eccentric talents". In recent years, the cultural foundation of secondary technical school students is uneven. If we do not distinguish them and let these students have a big pot of food in the same class according to the same content requirements, we will find that the advanced students "can't eat enough" and the backward students "can't eat enough" and it is difficult to achieve the expected results. It is suggested that the teaching should be divided into classes and different teaching methods should be adopted for students with different learning abilities, so that students with average grades can "eat enough" and students with good grades can "eat enough". In this way, all students can not only gain the experience of harvest and success through learning, but also make outstanding students stand out. At the same time, we should pay attention to mobilizing the learning interest of backward students, so as to improve the teaching quality and enhance the competitive consciousness among students

(3) intensive speaking and more practice. The course of mechanical drawing is more practical, more practical than theoretical, and the types of topics are ever-changing, so it is impossible to explain them one by one. Therefore, it is necessary to combine typical examples and focus on introducing methods, that is, the so-called "intensive lecture". Doing more exercises is an effective way to consolidate the knowledge learned, master skills and skills, find deficiencies and mistakes, and find out the direction of efforts in time. In addition, it can also be combined with practice to allow students to read more drawings, and show more complete drawings to students. Teaching can be combined with practice to make it easier for students to connect with society

(4) reasonably use multimedia and other teaching means and combine them with traditional teaching methods. The traditional methods and means formed in teaching practice are important teaching resources and play an irreplaceable role. However, it also has certain limitations. Now that the network is developed and multimedia teaching can be reasonably used in teaching, students can quickly understand the stop projection method and establish the concept of tranquility, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort

modern advanced multimedia teaching is vivid and intuitive, which is easy for students to accept. For example, the projection geometry problems with poor demonstration effect, such as projection transformation, the solution of intersection line of intersection line and other models, are made into three-dimensional animation with a]utocad, 3DMAX, solid works, UG, PR0/E and other software, which are explained by multimedia, and displayed in the form of pictures and texts, audio-visual transmission, dynamic and static

, It will certainly enhance students' understanding and feeling of abstract things, improve students' interest in learning, improve students' progress in mastering knowledge, and then improve teaching quality

4 conclusion

although mechanical drawing is a professional basic course, it is very practical and operational. This course requires that teachers not only have solid theoretical knowledge, but also have certain practical experience. The ability to combine theory with practice is quite high. Without certain practical experience, it is difficult to take a high-quality course. As the saying goes, educators receive education first. As teachers, they must have the skills of reading, reading and drawing skillfully, so as to better require students to learn, see and think more, cultivate students' ability of observation and imagination, and easily learn the important professional basic course of mechanical drawing

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