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Random talk on Digital Design (Part 1)

digital design can be divided into "digital" and "design". Let's split them into two. Let's see what they are. digitization? I think you've seen all kinds of information expressed in numbers. For example, "5460" means "I miss you" and "886" means "goodbye". no This is obviously some "joking"! In fact, digitization is more accurate to say that it should be binary digitization, which refers to the establishment of binary operation theory and a step brought about by the birth of computer technology for strain curve analysis of Jinan testing machine. Digital technology originated from binary mathematics. Driven by semiconductor technology and digital circuit, many complex calculations can be completed by machines or circuits. Today, microelectronic technology has brought us to the forefront of the digital field. Wait a minute. It sounds a little too far away. What does it have to do with our title and design? Let's take a look at the concept of design

design is to conceive, operate, plan and budget. Domestic engineering material suppliers are relatively guaranteed in terms of cost and delivery time. It is a creative activity carried out by human beings to achieve a specific purpose. (quoted from: introduction to design) design has multiple characteristics, and the broad sense of design covers a wide range. Design has obvious artistic characteristics, scientific and technological characteristics and economic attributes. From these perspectives, design almost includes all the creative work that human beings can do. But today we don't want to talk about our design from such a high level. We just grasp part of it. Another definition of design refers to the control and reasonable arrangement of visual elements, lines, shapes, colors, tones, textures, light, space, etc., covering artistic expression and structural modeling. This seems to be closer to the design we usually accept and feel. Of course, the two definitions are from different ranges and angles, and there is no contradiction between them. We know that design is a special art, and its creation process follows the principle of practicality and beauty. The scientific and technological characteristics of the design show that design is always affected by the development of production technology. The first product that sells well over one million pieces is called "tonet chair" As a famous small hotel chair, this curved round product was produced in the mid-19th century, and its production was due to the new technology of bending and carving wood invented by the kaurezko factory in motivia. It can be seen that design is indeed closely related to technology. Now you know the reason why I have taken such a big turn. Digital design is the close combination of digital technology and design

next, let's start with the "information age". With the arrival of the information age, the word "information" has become more and more popular. As soon as we hear it, we can almost immediately associate it with "advanced", "cutting-edge" and "sense of the times". Is it possible that this purple "information" has disappeared in the long history? It doesn't seem so. From a certain point of view, information seeps into every crack of our life like air and water. Mobility is a very important feature of information, and the flow of information becomes particularly important. After the emergence of the young invention of computer, the waiting time for information comes. Therefore, when we come to the last chapter of the 20th century, it naturally erupts! The invention of computer and the establishment of digital technology have provided a very good condition for the high-speed storage, flow and processing of information, which is unprecedented in any era in history. On such a broad stage, of course, it will become more and more popular

the fuse that ignited the information explosion was "digital technology", which made all these "explosions" possible and made them happen Yes. Today, we just want to use this "fuse" to talk about another "explosion" - digital design. Digital technology not only brings the explosion of information, but also brings revolutionary changes to many other fields. Digital communication, digital media, specific digital TV, digital camera, digital refrigerator, digital microwave oven, simply digital survival! So many digitalizations are changing our lives. I think I can talk a lot about everything, but I can't get too far away from the topic, so I have to install the anchor screws and say digital design (finally back to the theme!)

-- computer technology, like many other technologies, started in a very small range, and at that time almost no one thought of what it was like today. In fact, there are many such things: for example, the camera used for photography is different from many inventions. It is a modified product. It has been developed since the 17th century as a dark box for carrying plotters known to scientists. After the efforts of several amateur French scientists, the camera using silver chloride paper film was finally produced in the spring of 1816. This bulky wooden box, which is not easy to oxidize (it is said that it was called "mousetrap" by the inventor's wife at that time), is really simple at present. It is really hard to think of the sophisticated equipment and colorful pictures we use in various types of design work today. I don't think the people who invented it at that time would think of what it will bring to us latecomers, But it is undeniable that it is indeed the pioneer and foundation of modern photography. This "wooden box" has created a new era

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