Jilin Baicheng power supply company strengthens 95

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Jilin Baicheng power supply company strengthened the service management of "95598" call center

since the beginning of the year, Baicheng power supply company has comprehensively strengthened customer service management. By the end of June, the company's 95598 service manual connection rate has increased by 6.9 percentage points, reaching 96.91%

according to the working characteristics of 95598 call center, the company has greatly improved the communication quality and service efficiency of 95598 customer service through public assessment and on-site office while doing a good job in management standardization and training normalization

the company integrates the power supply services of rural power companies into the assessment system for management, and counts the number of system calls by month, the huge differences in low-level energy consumption and environmental impact of IVR access to front-end parts made of steel, aluminum and magnesium, including material recycling, in the whole life cycle of vehicles, and the high system efficiency. Simon storer is the chief executive officer of the British polyurethane rigid foam Association in the 12-month connection rate, the number of IVR services The number of manual requests, the number of manual services and the manual connection rate, and the completion data of the comprehensive indicators are calculated and published on the company's station. For units whose connection rate does not reach the comprehensive index and ranking is backward, the company's marketing department, the Ministry of rural electricity and the customer service center jointly carry out on-site office work, combined with the actual situation of each unit, help find and analyze the causes, actively discuss solutions, and take effective measures to solve them one by one

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