Jihua Group raised funds to develop bamboo pulp fi

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Jilin chemical fiber group raised funds to develop bamboo pulp fiber

recently, in order to accelerate the development of bamboo pulp fiber, Jilin chemical fiber group plans to issue no more than 200million shares to specific objects, with an issue price of no less than 6.23 yuan/share. The accurate results of the raised funds are no more than 1.335 billion yuan, which is used to build the integrated project of bamboo pulp and bamboo pulp fiber and supplement working capital. Specifically, it includes the upgrading and reconstruction of the project with an annual output of 50000 tons of bamboo fiber and the relocation and upgrading of 95000 tons of bamboo fiber pulp

Jilin chemical fiber plans to expand the production capacity of bamboo pulp fiber by building a stable supply base of bamboo pulp, consolidate the complete bamboo pulp fiber industrial chain system formed by the company from bamboo to bamboo pulp, then to bamboo pulp staple fiber and bamboo pulp filament, and expand the company's business and profit scale in the bamboo pulp fiber market. After the completion of this offering, many experts also said that the total assets and net assets of Jilin chemical fiber will increase at the same time, the financial strength will increase rapidly, and the consolidated asset liability ratio will drop from 71.43. In the future, about 1/4 of the world's R & D activities will be carried out in the Asia Pacific region to 50.7%

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