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Jiaxing Nanhu accelerates the pace of transformation and upgrading of the paper industry

recently, it was learned from the Nanhu District paper industry to eliminate backward production capacity, deepen the rectification and improvement meeting that in order to promote economic transformation and upgrading, and further optimize the paper industry, it is suggested to adopt the industrial structure and regional layout of intermittent sealed oil cylinder industry. Nanhu District will actively promote the structural adjustment of the paper industry, focusing on energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental improvement, and will gradually shut down and eliminate Merge and reorganize a number of backward papermaking production capacity enterprises, renovate and improve a number of papermaking enterprises and products, and realize the health of the papermaking industry, so as to realize the standardized and sustainable development of high-speed wire drawing under the wet to dry (wod) and wet to wet (wow) processes

there are 6 paper-making enterprises in Nanhu District (including 2 in Yuxin Town, 3 in Fengqiao town and 1 in Daqiao town), which have problems such as small scale, relatively scattered, backward technology, and relatively high pollutant emission and energy consumption. The relevant person in charge of the District Environmental Protection Bureau said that last year, due to the reduction of 779100 tons of wastewater and 75.14 tons of COD emissions from the supply of external panels by mainstream manufacturers such as 3-star and LGD, Nanhu District carried out the elimination of backward production capacity in the paper industry, deepened the rectification and improvement work, and further curbed environmental pollution accidents, reduced energy consumption and pollutant emissions, comprehensively improved the development level of the paper industry, and promoted energy conservation and emission reduction, Are of great significance

according to the person in charge, these six paper-making enterprises were included in the list of elimination and improvement of the paper industry in Nanhu District. Among them, five enterprises were ordered to comprehensively rectify and improve, and one enterprise was ordered to shut down and eliminate. It is reported that by the end of September 2013, all enterprises and production lines included in the scope of elimination and shutdown will be eliminated and shut down in place, and all other enterprises that do not meet the rectification standards will be fully implemented within a time limit. It is understood that in accordance with the guidance catalogue for eliminating backward production capacity in Zhejiang Province and the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, Nanhu District will shut down papermaking enterprises that do not comply with industrial policies and illegal construction and operation, especially papermaking enterprises with poor product quality, high resource consumption and heavy environmental pollution

through the active introduction of advanced and environmental protection projects, the above-mentioned ways of suppressing the small and supporting the good and eliminating the bad can effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the local paper industry, and become bigger and stronger. According to the introduction, Nanhu District, in accordance with the leading effect of industrial clusters, vigorously supports leading enterprises to merge and reorganize papermaking enterprises producing similar products to build a circular economy industrial chain. Through the construction and transformation of relatively concentrated municipal industrial parks, we encourage some enterprises to integrate, merge and reorganize, so as to guide and promote the entry and upgrading of enterprises outside the municipal industrial parks. The person in charge said so

at the same time, Nanhu District, in accordance with the requirements of industrial policies, cleaner production and environmental standards, has implemented standard upgrading for enterprises that can meet the relevant requirements after upgrading or rectification within a time limit. The person in charge told that Nanhu District guided enterprises to adjust the product structure, improve the equipment level, vigorously supported the development of special paper in terms of high-tech content, high added value, low ration, functionalization and import substitution, tried every means to improve the scientific and technological content of product technology, and comprehensively promoted the cleaner production of papermaking enterprises, and fully implemented the concept of resource conservation into the whole process of papermaking production, so as to promote the realization of cleaner production, industrial ecology Resource regeneration and waste reduction

in addition, while focusing on the transformation and upgrading of stock enterprises, Nanhu District also strengthened policy guidance by strengthening planning guidance, improving the approval service mechanism, guiding new projects to develop in the direction of light pollution, low energy consumption and high technology. We encourage new projects to gather in industrial functional areas with sound infrastructure, strive to free up energy and environmental indicators under the principle of reduction and replacement of major pollutants, appropriately develop a number of large-scale and technologically advanced construction projects in the industrial functional areas, promote a number of enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and realize the healthy development of the industry. The person in charge said

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