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Talent training has become the key to the development of the domestic robot industry. Machine tools, as one of the most important equipment in the processing and manufacturing of industrial equipment, are constantly moving towards intelligence. CNC machine tools have pioneered the integration of precision manufacturing technology and related technology, computer software and hardware technology, and compatible with network technology, starting the development of human intelligent production tools. When CNC machine tools gradually have logic judgment and teaching functions through CNC devices, this intelligent feature began to attract more attention

intelligent machine tools are machine tools that can make judgments and decisions on the manufacturing process. After knowing the whole manufacturing process, intelligent machine tools can monitor, diagnose and correct various deviations in the production process. And it can provide a plan for the optimization of production. In addition, it can also calculate the remaining life of the cutting tools, spindles, bearings and guide rails used, so that users can know their remaining service time and replacement time

The emergence of intelligent machine tools has created conditions for the future equipment manufacturing industry to achieve total production automation. Intelligent machine tools can improve the machining accuracy and efficiency of machine tools by automatically suppressing vibration, reducing thermal deformation, preventing interference, automatically adjusting the amount of lubricating oil, reducing noise, etc. For the further development of integrated manufacturing system, the improvement of the automation level of a single machine tool can greatly reduce the workload of people in the management of machine tools

intelligent machine tools enable people to have more energy and time to solve complex problems other than machine tools, and further develop intelligent machine tools and intelligent systems. The development and innovation of numerical control system plays an extremely important role in the intellectualization of machine tools. It can store, analyze, process, judge, adjust, optimize and control a large amount of information. Intelligent machine tools also have important functions, such as fixture database, dialog programming, tool path inspection, process processing time analysis, start time status analysis, actual processing load monitoring, processing navigation, adjustment, optimization, and adaptive control

the development of information technology and its integration with traditional machine tools have made machine tools develop in the direction of digitalization, integration and intelligence. The application space of digital manufacturing equipment, digital production lines and digital chemical plants will be larger and larger; Using intelligent technology to realize intelligent decision-making, process adaptation control, error compensation intelligent control, complex surface machining trajectory optimization control, fault self diagnosis and intelligent maintenance, information integration and other functions of reconstruction and optimization under multi information fusion will greatly improve the forming and machining accuracy and manufacturing efficiency. CNC machine tools need to strengthen the intelligent judgment of information

intelligent development is a more favorable development for constraint control. Intelligent technology can be used to monitor the status and response of processing in real time. Germany used to become constraint control, and later in Japan, it became intelligent control, which is actually a concept

the intelligent control of machine tools puts forward higher requirements for the CNC system, which requires that the CNC system not only has openness, inclusiveness and certain secondary development characteristics, but also has high expectations for the universality and foresight of the CNC system interface according to the user's personalized requirements for its functions

with the vigorous development of economy, science and technology, the improvement of people's cultural quality and living conditions, in addition to the strong support of the state, the state has gradually attached importance to safety, and more and more robots have gradually replaced people in many industrial fields. The era of industrial robots is ushering in its own spring. According to Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Association of mold and hardware and plastic industry suppliers, foreign automobile industry, electronic and electrical industry, engineering machinery and other industries have widely used industrial robot automatic production lines to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and avoid a large number of industrial accidents. The use of industrial robots in many countries around the world for nearly half a century shows that the popularity of industrial robots is an effective means to achieve automated production, improve social production efficiency, and promote the development of enterprises and social productivity. Robot technology is a forward-looking and strategic high-tech field. The complete set of industrial robot automatic production line equipment has become an automatic equipment. At present, the brake pad materials have the following centralized challenges that need to be broken through: (1) increasing the service life of gaskets and rotors is the mainstream, and the popularity of domestic robots is also a matter of time

although today's robots have not yet developed to a very intelligent level, simple machine workers and machine assistants have gradually penetrated into the industrial field, and people are increasingly relying on advanced technology for production and life. According to sources, the U.S. Congress stipulates that by 2015, one third of ground combat will use robot soldiers

this has triggered a sense of crisis in China and accelerated the development of the robot industry. At the 2013 China robot industry promotion conference held in early July this year, Wang Weiming, deputy director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, publicly said that after the investigation of the robot industry, the guiding opinions on promoting the development of motor-1 integrated design for plastic tensile testing machines in the industrial robot industry will be issued soon. Robots will become intelligent and popular, and will soon set off a revolution in manufacturing. It can be seen that the robot era in industry is grandly on the stage of China's industrial development

the high-end equipment plan vigorously supports the robot application market will bloom

the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, hereinafter referred to as the plan, has begun to implement the special projects of intelligent equipment development and transformation, satellite and application development, which indicates that the development plan of high-end equipment manufacturing industry has entered the substantive operation level

as an important part of strategic emerging industries, the development idea of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the 12th Five Year Plan is to focus on breakthroughs in five directions, namely aviation equipment, satellites and applications, rail transit equipment, marine engineering equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment. The goal of the plan is that by 2015, the sales output value of high-end equipment will account for more than 20% of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the annual sales output value is expected to reach 6 trillion yuan

the data shows that the current industrial scale of intelligent equipment is about 300billion yuan, and the market is mostly monopolized by foreign manufacturers. The market share of domestic manufacturers is low, with 10% for intelligent instruments and control systems, 20% for industrial robots and special equipment, 20% for mid-range CNC machine tools, and 1% for high-end CNC machine tools. The goal of the plan is that by 2015, the sales revenue will reach 1trillion yuan, and the domestic market share of high-end intelligent equipment and basic manufacturing equipment required by key industries of the national economy will reach 50%; In 2020, the sales revenue will reach 2trillion yuan, and the domestic market share will reach 70%

the first batch of funds to subsidize the manufacturing of intelligent equipment has been released. The first batch of intelligent manufacturing equipment projects to implement subsidy funds have 19 projects, with a national subsidy of 950million yuan, which has been officially launched. In particular, in order to support intelligent manufacturing equipment enterprises to expand the market, the state will allocate the first set of subsidy funds up to 25% to 50% of the product sales price

according to the plan, the annual sales output value of high-end equipment manufacturing industry will be more than 6 trillion yuan by 2015. Zhang Xiangmu had previously expressed similar views. He said that he would strive to make the high-end equipment manufacturing industry become the pillar industry of the national economy through about 10 years of efforts, with the sales output value accounting for more than 30% of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the domestic market satisfaction rate of high-end equipment exceeding 25%

transformation of machine tool industry intelligent introduction of robot technology has become a new trend

machine tool enterprises have also begun to introduce robots into machine tools. Robots have become the general trend. In the process of transformation to digitalization and intelligence, the manufacturing industry has higher requirements for the performance of equipment components, including precision, surface quality, etc. Especially in some high-tech industries, such as aerospace, communications and so on. The transformation of technology demand in the downstream market has posed new challenges to the development of CNC machine tool industry. If the technological development of CNC machine tools can meet the needs of manufacturing transformation and upgrading, it can play a role in promoting, otherwise it will restrict its development

an American expert proposed this year: when we combine artificial intelligence, robotics and digital manufacturing technology, a manufacturing revolution will occur. It enables American entrepreneurs to build factories locally and produce a variety of products. In this way, how can China compete with us? The United States is destined to regain leadership in manufacturing, and it will soon be China's turn to worry. The manufacturing mode produced by the combination of the three technologies proposed by American scholars to declare war on China's manufacturing industry can be called manufacturing intelligence, that is, intelligent manufacturing

at present, most domestic machine tool enterprises are concerned about how to make the enterprise bigger. It is often thousands or tens of thousands of people. Foreign enterprises are more in pursuit of technological leadership, that is, to make their products indispensable in the production and manufacturing of other products. At present, the competition mechanism of China's machine tool enterprises mainly depends on price and quantity, and lacks core technology. With the increase of labor, raw materials and other costs, the profits of enterprises will be thinner and thinner. Therefore, the competition mechanism needs to be changed urgently

the key application of industrial robots is motion control, which is an important factor to ensure the accuracy of machine tools. From this point of view, machine tool manufacturing and robot manufacturing technology are closely related. Therefore, in recent years, the enthusiasm of machine tool enterprises to participate in the manufacturing of industrial robots has become increasingly high

not only NC system manufacturing enterprises, but also machine tool enterprises are very fond of the robot field. Guanxiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, which ranks first in domestic machine tool sales, also said that Shenyang group has experience in developing Feiyang CNC system and is preparing to enter the field of industrial robot manufacturing and develop industrial robot products

it can be seen that whether introducing foreign robots or developing domestic industrial robots, smart entrepreneurs have targeted the broad prospect of its integration with the machine tool industry

talent training is the key to the development of the robot industry

tangzhimin, Secretary of the Party committee of the Chinese Academy of personnel Sciences, said that with the strong support of national policies, the robot industry will usher in explosive growth, and new industries will bring new employment opportunities

at present, the competition for the settlement of robot projects has become a competition for emerging manufacturing industries around the world. The domestic manufacturing industry has entered a period of explosive growth for the industrial robot industry out of the demand for the transformation from labor costs and automated production. The robot industry bases in Chongqing, Tianjin, Kunshan, Qingdao, Shenyang, Zhongshan and other places have sprung up

at present and for a period of time in the future, college graduates in China will start the experimental machine to make them work normally. The total employment pressure is still relatively large, and the structural contradiction between specific temperature and pressure requirements is still prominent, and the employment situation is relatively severe. The document on college graduates issued by the State Council office this year clearly puts forward to give full play to the pulling effect of the development of strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, modern service industries and modern agriculture on college graduates, which also includes the intelligent IOT and robot industries

how many college students can entrepreneurship be brought by new industries

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