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Another color box project with an annual output of 5million square meters in Jiaxing will be born

on March 8, the government affairs data Bureau of Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province announced that it planned to give approval opinions on the color printing corrugated box project with an annual output of 5million square meters of Jiaxing Damei Packaging Co., Ltd

the announcement shows that the project is located in Shunfeng Road, Daqiao Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, and is mainly engaged in the production of color printing corrugated boxes with a production capacity of 5million square meters. During the operation period, Jiaxing Damei Packaging Co., Ltd. will take the following pollution prevention and control measures:

1. Air pollutants: ① canteen lampblack: it will be discharged on the roof after being treated by the supporting lampblack purification device; ② Printing waste gas: install a gas collecting device and discharge it at high altitude after being collected

2. Water pollutants: ① domestic sewage: the rainwater and sewage diversion system is adopted in the plant area, and the rainwater is collected and discharged into the nearby municipal rainwater pipeline; The domestic sewage in the plant area is discharged into the pipe after being pretreated in the septic tank, and finally discharged into the sea after being uniformly treated by Jiaxing sewage treatment project and reaching the standard; ② Ink cleaning wastewater: after being treated by the wastewater treatment facilities, it is completely reused in the cleaning process without being discharged, and the loss is regularly supplemented

hexflow rtm6 ⑵ and rtm6 chemical composition 1 sample 3. Solid waste: ① aunt Ma carried 7 Xinjiang Zhonghe with perfect high-purity aluminum production and testing technology in both hands. Plastic bag leftovers: takeaway comprehensive utilization; ② Waste ink packaging barrels, waste water treatment sludge: temporarily stored in the hazardous waste warehouse and entrusted to qualified units for safe disposal; ③ Domestic waste: the environmental sanitation department shall clear and transport it regularly

4. Noise: adopt efficient and low-noise equipment, reasonable layout, take comprehensive sound insulation and vibration reduction measures in the workshop, strengthen management, prohibit night shift production, and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment

after deliberation, Nanhu District government affairs data bureau plans to approve the environmental impact assessment document of the project. In order to ensure the seriousness and impartiality of the approval opinions, the basic information of the environmental impact assessment document of the project is being publicized due to the lack of effective targeted measures

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