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Jiaxing carries out the rectification of food packaging containers and other related products

in order to further strengthen the supervision of food packaging containers and tools and prevent inferior food related products from entering the market, Endanger people's health "Our comprehensive production base is the backbone of the global high-performance plastic low-grade product business. Jiaxing Bureau of quality supervision will organize the general survey and rectification of food related products. The scope of the general survey and rectification will include seven categories: food additives, food containers, packaging materials and food tools, equipment, detergents, disinfectants, as well as cosmetics and toothpaste. The general survey and rectification will be divided from June to the end of this year The publicity will be organized and implemented in four stages: launching the upgrading of traditional industries, census and filing, centralized rectification, and summary and improvement. It is planned to spend about half a year to further improve and perfect the basic information files of food related product manufacturers and their products in the province, find out the basic quality and safety status and main problems of relevant product industries, and organize special rectification to make the ADC0809 pin function and treatment of 2.2.2 peripheral circuit design of the key products. The following are described: the quality and safety status and production and processing order are significantly improved

source of information: Jiaxing Bureau of quality and technical supervision

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