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Jiaxin/Shanghai Petrochemical will jointly build a styrene project

PetroChina Jiaxin company recently revealed that the company plans to jointly build a 200000 ton styrene project with Shanghai Petrochemical, and there are many special connectors. The joint venture is called Jinsheng (transliteration). 80% of the equity belongs to Jiaxin, and Shanghai Petrochemical holds 20%

it is reported that the Chinese government has approved this project and will put it into operation at the end of 2005. The project will be located in Jinshan, where Shanghai Petrochemical is located. Shanghai Shi 4. Lubricating oil analysis will be responsible for the supply of ethylene and benzene. Shanghai Petrochemical said that the company participated in the investment in the sponge pulling machine project, but the location of the project has not been determined, and the source of raw materials has not been determined

the styrene produced in this project will be transported to Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, where Jiaxin has a expanded polystyrene plant with an annual capacity of 60000 tons

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