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Jikang industry: a century old enterprise focusing on positioning high-end customers in the screw Market

plastics have been widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, construction, packaging, medical treatment, lighting and other industries, which are inseparable from daily life. China plas International Rubber and plastic exhibition, as an important platform for the annual exchange of global plastic and rubber and various application industries, pays close attention to the long-term process of high-tech, and is committed to working with the industry to promote the goal of sustainable development of the industry. China plas 2013 International Rubber and plastic exhibition will show the unimaginable application and development of plastics in the future with the theme of rubber and plastic science and technology achieving the future

as the injection molding equipment accounting for half of the plastic molding equipment, it is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this China plas exhibition. This time, Huicong plastic had the honor to interview Xiao Jiayun, general manager of Shanghai Jikang Industry Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Jikang industry

as a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating the design and development, production and manufacturing, sales service and technical support of injection molding machines. Through the technology cooperation with Italian selca (H H H) company, we can see clearly the operation cooperation, and the Japanese senior industry design experts carefully cooperate. We are committed to developing high-end automatic injection molding equipment that meets the actual needs of the market and industry characteristics, and provide professional design, development, production and manufacturing for injection molding automation, precision molding, molding of special products, and multi material (multi-color) one-time molding. The products brought by Jikang industry to the majority of exhibitors are high-end models, which are applied to German models and Japanese models. The raw materials of the products are from Germany and Japan. Compared with nearly 20 colleagues in the screw industry who participated in the exhibition this time, President Xiao said that the products displayed by Jikang industry this time are first of all ultra wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant products, which should be ahead of competitors in terms of precision. Second, Jikang industry has basically broken through the two aspects of corrosion resistance and wear resistance in injection molding and extrusion. And cooperation with many universities has made a breakthrough

when it comes to the view that enterprises' participation in the exhibition is also to establish their own brand and show their comprehensive strength, President Xiao also said that they will participate in the exhibition every year. The next step may be to go to K exhibition in Germany, because we follow the route of high-end customers. Many of our existing customers are customers of the world's top 500, as well as customers of high-end injection molding machines. The function of the exhibition is to let more people know our Jikang products. At the same time, we can receive more orders, improve the quality of customers, and further improve the overall strength of our company. Only when we cooperate with customers in Germany and Japan can we drive and upgrade the overall quality of our domestic enterprises. The key thinking can make a qualitative leap. This exhibition should be said to be a great harvest for us. Through this exhibition, we found nearly 10 agents worldwide. Including the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Russia. These customers came to our platform at the exhibition and were very confident after knowing our products. The primary purpose of our exhibition is to show our own brand, and in the process of showing our brand, we are also looking for global agents to let our products go abroad and go to the world

as we all know, in 2012, due to the impact of the domestic and foreign economic environment, the market demand for injection molding machines was low, and many peer enterprises were economically tight. 3. Power supply and wiring contracted, and twists and turns were under way. The benefits of the space declined significantly. Many international orders were postponed or cancelled, and the industry also experienced a major reshuffle. This year's domestic and foreign economic situation now seems to be mouse operation; It is not very clear. In view of this problem, President Xiao also talked about his views on the development of the industry this year and the performance of Jikang industry in recent months. Now the industry is gradually warming up, and the impact on our industry is not very great, because our products are consumables. Through this exhibition, there is no problem for our performance to increase by 100% this year. The total performance of this year should exceed 50million yuan

Science and technology is the primary development force. Human progress and development cannot be separated from scientific innovation and promotion. In the field of injection molding equipment, the research and development of new products and technological improvement are the top priorities of this industry. At present, China's technology is still in the middle and low-end position in the world. If we want to have a place in the world injection molding field, we absolutely need our generation or even twoorthree generations of talents to persevere in technological development and innovation. Jikang industry also attaches great importance to the research and development of technology. In view of the corrosion and friction resistance of screw products, President Xiao told the author that corrosion and friction resistance are jointly developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University and Beijing University of chemical technology, so that our screw products can truly be durable and easy to use, reach the international cutting-edge level, and be the best screw

there is a succession of news and Taoism, and there is a specialization in the field. Focusing on achieving the future, Mr. Xiao also talked about the future trend of Jikang industrial segments. All the experience of doing industry is accumulated. If the company's positioning is not set, the company's culture has not been established. In fact, many enterprises in Europe and Germany are not very large, but they can be built for more than a century. What we want to build is a century old enterprise. A century old enterprise that does nothing, focuses on the screw itself, focuses on the screw Market, and positions high-end customers

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