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On April 25, Xiamen Jihong packaging company signed the equity transfer agreement with the remaining shares of Anhui Weizhi, agreeing to purchase the remaining 67% equity of Anhui Weizhi held by the above shareholders at the price of 53.9685 million yuan. After the acquisition, Anhui Weizhi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company

Xiamen Jihong spent more than 50 million to acquire 67% equity of Anhui first paper products company

recently, Xiamen Jihong packaging company announced that on April 25, 2019, the company signed the equity transfer agreement with Liu Xiao, Chen Maosheng, the remaining shareholders of Anhui Weizhi, Hongke investment management "partnership (limited partnership) in Ningbo Meishan bonded port area, and Li Tiejun, It was agreed that the company would purchase the remaining 67% equity of Anhui Weizhi held by the above shareholders at the price of 53.9685 million yuan. After the acquisition, Anhui Weizhi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company

Anhui Weizhi environmental protection paper products Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer focusing on the application development, planning and providing solutions of environmental protection paper container products. It enjoys a certain popularity and good reputation in domestic food packaging product manufacturers. Its main customers include KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, subway, Lotte and other world-famous chain catering enterprises, as well as Yonghe King, Baixiang instant noodles, Youlemei Uni president, Wallace, Wangwang and other large local star brands in China

financial situation of Anhui Weizhi Environmental Protection Paper Co., Ltd.

expand the environmental protection packaging market, speed up the layout, and directly contact the field of food packaging

in recent years, environmental protection policies have become increasingly severe, and consumers' awareness of environmental protection has been continuously strengthened. In the context of emphasizing food safety and the introduction of plastic restrictions, environmental protection packaging has become one of the important links of food safety. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, takeaway goods are popular, and the scope of restrictions will gradually expand to plastic tableware. The demand for food grade packaging with environmental protection concept (such as environmental protection takeaway lunch boxes) will continue to grow rapidly with the development of takeaway industry. The future market prospect of QSR packaging that directly contacts food is very promising. Xiamen Jihong packaging is required to make prudent decisions according to the market demand and its own development strategic planning, increase the weight of environmental protection packaging through non-public offering of shares, and accelerate the layout of QSR packaging field that directly contacts food through the acquisition of the remaining 67% equity of Anhui Weizhi

after the completion of this transaction, Anhui Weizhi will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. Xiamen Jihong will adjust the internal organizational structure of Anhui Weizhi and hire senior people in the packaging industry to restructure the operation and management team: Mr. Li Tiejun, who has long been committed to the procurement and marketing services of the packaging industry, will serve as the executive director of Anhui Weizhi. Mr. Li Tiejun has solid professional knowledge and strong sales and leadership management capabilities, He once served as the general manager of Shanghai Fuxi Food Co., Ltd. and baoshigao (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. as the procurement and operation manager of North Asia. He is now the general manager of China Hong Kong packaging products Jiangsu Co., Ltd; Mr. Sun Zhong, who specializes in technology, marketing and other related management work, served as the general manager of Anhui Weizhi. Mr. Sun Zhong has worked in Kimberly Clark (China) Co., Ltd. of the world's top 500 for more than 10 years, served as the personal care procurement manager of Kimberly Clark in China, served as the deputy general manager of Hohhot Jihong printing and packaging Co., Ltd., and is now the general manager of Huanggang branch of Xiamen Jihong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd

in the future, Anhui Weizhi will continue to pursue the management concept of "seeking change, innovation and accuracy", clarify the development strategic objectives and overall positioning, strictly reshape the business and management process, give full play to the advantages of the company as a listed company in terms of brand, centralized procurement, capital and channel, and make use of the company's Internet technology, through the mode of one thing, one yard, online and offline combination, and take packaging as the traffic entrance, Transform every opportunity of consumer goods packaging to contact customers into Internet data, provide traceability, marketing, advertising and other services for online and offline customers, and build customer packaging into an we media marketing channel. At the same time, the general hydraulic universal testing machine can only be manually loaded. The company will further standardize and improve the internal legal person management and control structure of Anhui Weizhi, pay attention to the long-term development direction and the cultivation of core competitiveness. The high-quality rock wool raw materials are sourced from natural rocks, adhere to the path of innovative quality development, based on the sustainable, healthy and stable development in the future, reasonably control the production, operation, management and decision-making, and avoid the risk of management decision-making, Actively expand the environmental protection packaging market and achieve the goal of leapfrog development

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