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Jilin Meihekou Haishan paper industry has a good effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Meihekou Haishan Paper Co., Ltd. correctly handles the relationship between production development and environmental protection, is willing to invest, increases the transformation of production technology and equipment, realizes up to standard emissions, and promotes the development of the enterprise. By the beginning of 2007, the production capacity of the company had expanded from 12000 tons to 50000 tons, achieving an output value of 50million yuan, paying 3.45 million yuan in taxes, and arranging 515 jobs; It will increase the sales income of straw by 11million yuan for farmers and 8million yuan for nearby transportation households every year. The yellow cardboard of Haishan brand produced by the company was rated as a famous trademark of Jilin Province and sold well in 25 provinces and cities across the country

the company, formerly known as Meihekou linoleum base paper factory, is located in the upper reaches of Huifa River. It is a medium-sized pulp and paper enterprise with a history of 50 years. Ten years ago, the linoleum base paper factory, which had been in a state of shutdown for many years, was restructured and operated. At that time, the enterprise had no sewage treatment facilities, backward technology, obsolete equipment and serious pollution. It was one of the 22 key pollution sources in Jilin Province. They established and improved the problem of "not using good environmental materials at all levels", and formulated plans and objectives for the treatment of sewage, dust and noise. In the past, production wastewater contained a large amount of COD and suspended solids, and enterprises regarded wastewater treatment as the focus of environmental protection. Since 2001, focusing on the annual after tax profits, depreciation fees, overhaul fees, and by mobilizing the staff to raise funds, collecting user prepayments, etc., 17 million yuan has been raised for sewage treatment. Therefore, the R & D centers, large and small, have been successively built. Therefore, Cisco Chuang can quickly provide them with polyurethane, polycarbonate and other technical consulting services. The treatment of starch, fiber recycling, anaerobic, aerobic and other treatment facilities are also related to the excessive production capacity caused by the substantial expansion of production, A complete, economic, practical, scientific and standardized sewage treatment system has been formed. In October, 2004, the company passed the environmental assessment organized by the superior environmental protection department; In September, 2005, the sewage treatment project passed the acceptance of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and basically achieved standard discharge

carry out activities to create resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises. Implement cleaner production, formulate strict assessment indicators for the noise, dust, waste water discharged by each workshop, raw materials used and energy consumption, and link them with the wages and bonuses of each department, workshop and team, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees to save energy and reduce consumption and carry out cleaner production. In 2004, the white water recycling rate of the paper machine was improved, so that the water consumption per ton of paper was reduced from 160 tons to less than 50 tons, and the sewage discharge was reduced from 8000 tons per day to 3000 tons. Each workshop organizes the recycling of fibers in wastewater, with a daily recycling volume of 8 tons, which can save raw materials worth 1million yuan per year. Strengthen technological transformation and adopt advanced technology and equipment. Over the past few years, 9million yuan has been invested to transform the four production lines of the original linoleum base paper factory, eliminate backward processes, and improve the utilization efficiency of resources and energy. At the same time, in the process of building sewage treatment facilities, a reasonable and scientific treatment process is determined, and COD anaerobic generator is used to treat wastewater. The unipolar treatment efficiency reaches more than 70%, reaching the best level in the same industry in China. It also has the characteristics of low treatment cost and simple operation

put the concept of developing circular economy throughout the whole process of production, operation and environmental protection, and strive to establish a circular economy industrial chain. Through environmental treatment, the reuse rate of papermaking wastewater has reached more than 50%, and the biogas produced in the process of sewage treatment has been effectively utilized, which can create a value of 1.5 million yuan per year, greatly reducing the cost of sewage treatment; The fly ash of the boiler is used for road construction and building materials, and has initially tasted the benefits of environmental governance and the development of circular economy. In order to prevent the untreated discharge of wastewater, the original sewage pipes of each production workshop are sealed with steel plates and cement. All wastewater must be collected into the sewage treatment plant through the sewage treatment process pipeline and discharged after treatment. Another 400000 yuan was invested to install instruments and meters in the sewage treatment plant, strictly control the sewage discharge of each workshop, keep abreast of the wastewater treatment temperature, flow and process indicators of each department, and reasonably adjust and improve the operation methods. Company made 6. After the completion of the experiment of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, the software will automatically stop formulating the environmental safety accident treatment plan, reduce and eliminate the possible harm to the downstream water body caused by emergencies, and clearly stipulate that when there is a contradiction between production and the operation of environmental protection facilities, the principle of environmental protection before production must be followed. Over the past few years, in order to launch environmental protection projects as soon as possible and ensure the safety of downstream water bodies in the dry season, they have taken the initiative to shut down the production line for 9 times, reducing the output by 15000 tons and the output value by 20million yuan

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