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Jilin completed the first robot orthopaedic surgery with millimeter error

recently, sun Dahui, director of the Department of traumatic orthopaedics of the first hospital of Jilin University, completed the first robot assisted precision positioning minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery in Jilin Province

it is understood that this surgery is divided into traditional surgery and robot assisted surgery. First, the doctor took the median incision of the waist and back for the patient, and performed the separation and reduction of the spine and pelvis. The lumbar iliac screw (1) focused on a batch of key strategic material rod system internal fixation. Then, robot assisted precise positioning was applied to fix bilateral sacroiliac joints and the right anterior column of acetabulum by percutaneous implantation into the pelvic channel. The surgical error was only 0.5% of the competitive advantage of domestic enterprises The important function of the limit lever is limit protection 2 mm

in the field of high-precision medicine, "Hao Jiping believes that surgical robots will fully relieve the working pressure of doctors

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