The hottest RFID Technology Summit recently closed

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RFID Technology Summit recently closed

recently, the global RFID China Summit closed in Beijing. After Zhang Xinsheng, deputy director of the Ministry of information technology, disclosed the relevant details about the formulation of RFID (electronic tag) standards by the Ministry of information industry, which was approved in May 2013, yesterday, he also learned that many domestic enterprises, including Shida, have organized R & D forces to try to participate in the formulation of standards

in addition to international IT enterprises such as Microsoft and IBM, it is the force required to assess the tearing of materials after pre cutting. Giants in the retail industry such as Wal Mart also participated in the summit. It was learned that some enterprises led by Shida held consultations on the formulation of standards yesterday afternoon and reached a certain consensus, but they were unable to understand the specific details of whether the participating parties reached an agreement. It is reported that Shida's previous idea was to realize the standard through solidified chips, and finally realize local unified standards through the promotion and use of chips. However, such an idea was once denied due to strong resistance from all parties

however, in connection with the news that "China, Japan and South Korea will jointly promote RFID standards" at the summit the day before yesterday, domestic enterprises are undoubtedly facing a rare opportunity. In addition, it is noted that under the premise that domestic standards have not yet been issued, 1 some experts' suggestions, domestic enterprises have set their sights on the global market. If non-standard samples were to be made the afternoon before yesterday, shihuakai signed an agreement with IBM to jointly develop RFID technology, while the Hong Kong airport is conducting a unified standard test, and there are also Chinese system integrators. When participating in the discussion, foreign experts said that China is increasingly becoming a world manufacturing center, and the standards it sets will have a significant impact on the world

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