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RFID Technology: product anti-counterfeiting identification "new weapon" (Part 2)

manufacturers of the productive health care drug "Viagra" and the narcotic drug Oxycontin announced that in order to combat counterfeiting, they will use radio frequency technology (RFID) on drug bottles. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that this technology can electronically monitor drugs from production to pharmaceutical factories, which is an effective means to combat the growing phenomenon of drug counterfeiting

fda said that RFID technology HRB is mainly used for drugs sent to pharmacies and retailers, because counterfeiting mainly occurs in drug retail channels. The manufacturer of Oxycontin medicine said that the company would send it to two major distributors Wal Mart and hd Smith uses RF technology in his drugs. Briant Huggins, a spokesman for Pfizer, which mainly produces Viagra, said that the company will officially adopt RFID technology in its ex factory drugs within nearly a year. "The reason why we first adopted this technology in 'Viagra' is that it is a drug with the greatest popularity and is most likely to be counterfeited by others." According to the survey, the annual sales of "Viagra" produced by Pfizer company is $1.5 billion, and the adoption of RFID technology only costs about millions of dollars

the investment return potential of fresh fruit and vegetable industry and warehousing operation is huge.

Moraitis, an Australian fresh product industry giant, has used RFID system to track the sales of millions of tons of solution cultivated tomatoes, and claims that this system will bring an annual return on investment of 300%. This kind of label will provide the company with accurate packaging time, place, packaging date, as well as category, quality, size and other data. Mr. colovos said that Moraitis only invested 50000 US dollars to develop RFID experimental technology, and the expected annual return is at least 150000 US dollars. This investment makes Moraitis one of the largest wholesale and logistics companies for fresh products that implement RFID technology

Mr. colovos said: once this technology is applied to all fresh fruit and vegetable industries and warehousing operations, its investment return potential is huge. The company can save money by reducing losses, inventory and transaction costs. The use of smart tags can realize the informatization of warehouse management and the automation of commodity allocation. When the reader writer is installed on the shelf, it can detect the variety, location and quantity of goods according to the smart label pasted on the commodity package. After the information reader writer is connected with the computer network, the computer can control the stacker, forklift, pick-up truck and other equipment to work automatically according to the received information. The use of smart tags accelerates the order processing speed and reduces the picking error rate

rfid technology brings value to enterprises

through the above cases, it is not difficult to find that the application of RFID technology can help enterprises achieve:

1 Prevent fake products from flowing into the sales market: through RFID anti-counterfeiting technology, prevent fake products from flowing into the enterprise sales market, and greatly avoid the economic and reputation losses caused to the enterprise

2. Control product quality: product quality is the life of an enterprise. Through the whole process tracking and collection of RFID system, quality problems can be found in time and the information can be fed back to the product design, production management, quality management and business decision-making departments in time to help enterprises improve product quality in an all-round way

3. Sales personnel supervision and management: sales personnel carry out sales activities based on enterprise ideas and guided by product label information, so as to improve the management level of the sales team

4. Formulate a reasonable and ordinary plastic profit level of 1% ⑶% management service strategy: through the collection of RFID tag information on products, realize the tracking of product quality and after-sales service, so that enterprises can accurately understand and judge the quality of products and user feedback, so as to help enterprises control product quality in real time and update service strategy in time, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises' products

5. Strengthen the control and management of the market: through the collection and feedback of product sales information, realize the zoning and hierarchical management of vendors, ensure the healthy and orderly development of the market, and effectively control regional fleeing. At the same time, the tracking and evaluation of vendors is conducive to the correct selection of sales partners and promote market sales

6. Guide enterprise product design positioning: Based on product label information, establish a complete product file and user file, which is undoubtedly a great wealth for enterprises, User distribution and user feedback greatly promote the product design positioning and market positioning of enterprises "Adjustment and transformation is of great guiding significance.

7. Improve the timeliness of business decisions: provide complete and accurate product data to the enterprise's management system, and ensure the timeliness of data collection. It can provide enterprises with timely and accurate decision-making basis, so that enterprises can make timely and correct business and management decisions in the competition, and obtain competitive advantages.

in addition to the above functions, RFID tags also have non-contact identification and identification High speed moving objects, anti harsh environment, strong confidentiality, and the ability to recognize multiple recognition objects at the same time. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the competition of high-tech identification technology will become one of the focuses of enterprise competition. It is believed that RFID, a "new weapon" of identification technology, will become one of the magic weapons for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage

company profile

Weishen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Weishen group, specializing in the development and sales of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology solutions in various industries. Relying on the strong advantages of Weishen group in the design, R & D, production and service of software and hardware products, Weishen electronics has formed an industrial chain framework based on RFID technology, and launched a series of products in the application design of radio frequency electronic tags, the R & D and production of radio frequency read-write devices (RFID Readers), RFID middleware software, and industry application management software

through years of unremitting efforts, Weishen has successfully applied various automatic identification and data acquisition schemes to various fields of society, such as logistics, manufacturing, retail, and the next step is to explore the use of these different structures in transportation, finance, insurance, government office, medical and health care and other industries

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