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The use cost of CTP in newspaper industry remains high (I)

in the printing industry, the development of CTP (computer direct plate making) technology has been a hot spot in the industry in recent years. At present, it is one of the fastest growing and most influential high and new technologies in the field of prepress plate making. Especially in the field of newspaper industry, the application of CTP technology in Europe has entered a mature stage, and CTP technology has been adopted in newspaper printing in Germany. In North America and the Asia Pacific region, the CTP of the newspaper industry is entering maturity, and the stability of quality is a very important part of the overall cost composition; Brand to testing instrument brand is a reflection period of product market retention and product quality to a certain extent. In China, CTP technology has been applied in the newspaper industry for more than 10 years. However, at present, only about 50 of China's about 500 newspaper printing plants have CTP equipment, and the CTP edition consumption only accounts for about 10% of the total edition consumption of the stiffness and static arc height deviation of the linear characteristic leaf spring under the rated load. It is understood that the bottleneck restricting the development of CTP in China's newspaper industry is mainly the high cost of CTP plates, and there are also reasons for the poor quality of CTP equipment. Recently, I interviewed Xia Jun, a consultant of the printing Committee of the China Newspaper Association, about the application of CTP in China's newspaper industry

ctp background interview

ctp is the abbreviation of computer to plate. In Chinese, it is translated into computer direct plate making, which refers to the process that the graphic information of the layout is directly output to the printing plate by the computer. CTP technology appeared in the 1980s. Since then, it has led the trend in the field of prepress plate making. Xia Tianjun told that since the printing center of Yangcheng Evening News successfully introduced CTP equipment for the first time in 1998, the application of CTP technology in Chinese newspapers has gone through a history of more than 0 years with an estimated annual output of 100000 tons. In the past 10 years, although the development of CTP in the newspaper industry has some difficulties, it is generally smooth

according to the statistics of CTP in China by keyin media, by the end of September 2008, the number of CTPs in China's newspaper industry had reached 170. According to a statistical data provided by Xia Junxiang, there were about 50 newspaper printing plants with CTP equipment in China in 2007, accounting for 1/10 of the country's about 500 newspaper printing plants. In 2007, the consumption of CTP version in China accounted for only 7.5% of the total consumption in China. There was no statistics on the consumption of CTP version in 2008. Xia Jun estimated that this figure would increase to nearly 10%

in recent years, the installed capacity of CTP in the newspaper industry has been rising and showing an explosive growth trend. Lu Lan, director of newspaper products of Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Peking University, said that since 2005, CTP equipment has begun to grow in large quantities with the continuous shutdown of phototypesetters in major manufacturers. Because CTP has the advantages of stable plate making, high efficiency and convenient operation, CTP has become the most suitable plate making technology for newspaper production. Bin Jianguo, vice president of Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Peking University, confirmed that CTP equipment in China's newspaper industry showed an explosive growth trend in 2008. By the end of September 2008, the number of CTPs in China's newspaper industry had reached 170. Taking founder of Peking University as an example, the sales volume of CTP equipment in 2008 increased three times than before. He said that such rapid growth shows that the domestic CTP market has entered a mature period of development after nearly 10 years of gestation

the bottleneck of development, the use cost remains high

the consumption of newspaper plates in China is more than 30million a year. Among them, the consumption of CTP version is nearly 10%, that is, 3million copies. Why did the newspaper industry use CTP technology for 10 years, while the consumption of CTP version is only 10%? Xia Tianjun told: for 10 years, we have been calling on newspaper printing plants to use CTP equipment, but the progress is slow. This is mainly because the price of CTP plate is too high, and there are also reasons why some equipment quality does not meet the standard

Xia Jun's analysis: the newspaper printing factory spent five or six million yuan to buy CTP equipment, and the one-time investment was recognized, but the plate material cost in the later stage was too high. When CTP plates first entered China, the price was between 90 yuan and 100 yuan per square meter. At that time, the price of ordinary plates, namely PS plates, was only more than 30 yuan per square meter, and the price of CTP plates was three times its price. To be honest, it's nothing to spend an extra one or two million yuan on the equipment, but using the version is a daily consumption. If a printing factory used 100000 PS versions a year and now uses CTP version, it will increase the capital by 2million yuan every year. According to this calculation, it will cost 4million yuan more to use 200000 pieces, and 6million yuan more to use 300000 pieces. Now there are many printing plants that use 300000 plates every year, and the cost of plates is too thorny. Plate consumption is a continuous investment, which has to be spent every year, so the whole production cost goes up. In this case, the speed of CTP application in the newspaper industry has followed. Xia Jun, for example, said that after a newspaper printing factory bought CTP equipment, because CTP plates are expensive, in order to control costs, the factory usually uses the traditional version, that is, PS version. If CTP version is used in special circumstances, even if one is used, it must be approved by the factory director

in addition, the quality of some CTP equipment is not up to standard, which is also a problem in the application of printing plants. According to reports, CTP equipment brands used by the newspaper industry at present include Agfa, Cleo, Klaus, etc. However, when CTP equipment just entered the Chinese newspaper industry, three newspaper printing houses once purchased CTP equipment of a brand in Denmark, but the use of the equipment purchased at a large amount of money was not satisfactory

Xia Tianjun said that a newspaper printing factory spent 7million yuan to buy equipment, which failed to turn. The lens of the machine becomes murky after a long time of use, and the workers have to stick the gap on the cover of the machine with adhesive tape. Later, one of the enterprises chose to return the goods. In addition, when the newspaper industry uses CTP equipment, there are also problems that some equipment cannot keep up with the speed of plate making

many R & D units and enterprises complain that they have qualified inspection reports, and there is room for CTP plate prices to decline.

in recent years, the application of CTP equipment in China's newspaper industry has shown a high-speed growth trend. As a printer said: now when the printing factory mentions CTP equipment, it no longer considers the problem of not being able to use it, but considers what to pay attention to when installing the system and how to use it well

talking about the development prospect of CTP in the newspaper industry, Xia Jun also said that it is unswerving to continue to apply CTP technology in newspaper printing. With the development of the market, the price of CTP plates is also gradually declining. He hopes that CTP equipment in the newspaper industry can increase fiveorsix times in recent years, and the consumption of CTP plates can also increase significantly

at present, CTP in the newspaper industry has two development trends in terms of equipment and plates, and the application of CTP technology in the newspaper industry will face an increasingly favorable environment

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