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RFID technology has been successfully applied at the Shanghai Special Olympics

at the 2007 Shanghai World Special Olympic Games, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been successfully applied to the identification of athletes and staff and the management of access to venues, as well as the inquiry and tracking of athletes' personal information, venue information, residence information, competition information, medical information, etc. During the games, nearly 80000 RFID tags were issued to participants, including athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers. In addition to using 50 hand-held readers and writers, more than 400 readers and writers have been installed in venues, hotels, medical institutions and other places, and a network system has been built with anti swing devices

The application of RFID in the Special Olympics has achieved practical results. Through RFID's timely understanding of athletes' personal information, medical information and competition information, the games provide targeted humanized and personalized services, which fully reflects the care for the mobilization of the Special Olympics. By wearing RFID tags, contestants can quickly find venues, and volunteers can quickly identify athletes. Due to the particularity of the body, many special Olympics athletes may not be able to clearly understand and express "who I am", "where to go", etc. However, with RFID recording the contestant's personal information, volunteers and staff can take the initiative to come forward, read the athlete's personal information, and guide him to the venue or back to his residence with the same control function according to the prompt of the background information system. A special Olympics athlete was quickly found through RFID when he was lost. In addition, UHF UHF readers and writers are used in the conference venues to quickly read personnel information from a long distance, allowing multiple people to pass through the gate at the same time, greatly speeding up the flow of people

the key RFID technology used in the Special Olympics is the achievement of China's independent intellectual property rights under the support of the major project of the National 863 Program "RFID technology and application"

Haite consumers are paying more and more attention to the health and safety performance of plastic packaging. The Olympic Games is a practical exercise of RFID technology and products. It is the first comprehensive and successful application of RFID in large-scale events. It is also the largest case of RFID used for personal identification at present

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