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RFID radio frequency identification technology, is it a hoax? Is it help

radio frequency identification technology, namely RFID and bridge output pick-up date: Jiayan 11 this one price electrical signal needs to be amplified, filtered and other processing. It has become a common technology, which is applied in all fields of all walks of life, from retail transportation to safe entry control, and then to supply chain management system

rfid technology is convenient and fast. Its advantage is that it can automatically identify targets and exchange information on RFID tags through radio frequency. Different from the traditional barcode technology, RFID technology can identify items without touching the target

although basic RFID technology began to exist in the 1990s, the improvement and rapid development of RFID technology is a matter of recent years, which stems from the application of this technology in the inventory and distribution management system of retail giant Wal Mart and the logistics management project of the U.S. Department of defense

good and bad of RFID technology

Wal Mart took the lead in applying RFID technology in the supply chain management system, which became a hot topic about RFID application case study of ziffdavis media company in 2006

according to the study, Wal Mart has undertaken the promotion of RFID technology. It requires the top 100 major suppliers to use the technology in January 2005, and the suppliers themselves pay for the installation of RFID equipment

according to analysis, it is estimated that Wal Mart can save $8.35 billion by using RFID technology. Most of the cost reduction comes from saving labor resources. RFID intelligent shelf automatically monitors the goods on the shelf, reducing the occurrence of management errors and vendor fraud. PVC wallpaper QB 3805 ⑴ 999

however, In July, heavy RF company in Dublin released a report saying that R Jinan has been in line with the new era gold test for more than 10 years "Based on the innovation of FID is a technical error, saying that Wal Mart's case study is not accurate.

Ronan Clinton, management director of heravey, called on businesses not to ignore the fraud in RFID technology. Security disputes, lack of unified standards, and high costs are all warnings of many kinds of ID technology in the application of RF axis materials.

going against the trend of RFID application is almost against the law, but (because) We have released this report, and I can see that while RFID is constantly promoted, network fraud is followed

although Clinton's company also uses RF technology, he often recommends that bar code technology is a feasible solution

he said: 99 of 100 companies do not need RFID technology. Companies should ask themselves, am I Wal Mart

although heavey's report was originally aimed at Irish manufacturers, Clinton said that this problem exists worldwide

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