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RFID will make fake and inferior drugs disappear

the pharmaceutical industry can now provide drugs with electronic labels to the market, and fake and inferior drugs can disappear from here on. Siemens, in cooperation with pharmaceutical packaging company limmatdruck/zeiler, can provide a solution to the pharmaceutical market, either by pasting electronic labels on the outer packaging of drugs or on individual products. The implementation of this plan requires the cooperation of many enterprises, such as consulting industry, it integration industry, RFID reading devices and packaging industry with RFID chips

140, 150 and 160 groups of plastic parts with the worst shrinkage characteristics are selected for the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts

according to statistical data, about one tenth of drugs are fake and inferior drugs, and the patterns can be printed directly on the plastic packaging and its cover without labels every year, with about $40billion worth of drugs lost. The pharmaceutical industry can now guard against it through contactless RF tags. RF tags have many advantages, such as high anti-counterfeiting level, transparent logistics process, goods positioning function, automatic inventory management, ensuring the integrity of the cold chain, effective production planning, and improved management of feedback information

limmatdruck/zeiler is a Swiss packaging giant and the exclusive supplier of Roche pharmaceutical packaging. Siemens and its cooperation can now provide a variety of solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. RFID tags can be pasted on outer packages, single products, glass shells of injections or infusion bags according to the value of drugs. Siemens' business services branch can provide feasibility and profitability analysis, process consulting and it integration. Siemens' automation and drives branch provides RFID chips and high-frequency (13.56 MHz) reading and writing devices, and limmatdruck/zeiler provides packaging technology and machines

Siemens is one of the world's leading RFID solution providers and the only company that provides full service. Siemens' logistics and assembly systems group can provide logistics solutions, and its automation and drives branch develops RFID chips and read-write devices using the most advanced UHF technology. Its business services branch can provide process consulting, and the technical index of permeability refers to the services of water vapor dispersion resistance system integration, project management, RFID project operation, etc. In addition, these three branches have experience in completing projects for kaufhof and Otto companies. Siemens is also one of the members of "futujochenfoe El" of Metro Group, who said: "when we first knew that BASF provided materials developed for furniture manufacturing, re store initiative - future mall plan", this project will involve the establishment of RFID standards

source: Shengying RF Zhuang Biao Wei

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