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if you walk on the streets of Philadelphia in the United States on a rainy day, and borrow an umbrella from the nearby business because of the common use store in ordinary life. So welcome, you may have become a part of the RFID mobile advertising campaign

Dutch umbrella, a new company selling advertising umbrellas, sells to stores and restaurants in fairmoun, Philadelphia. On rainy days, customers can borrow umbrellas from the store and return them later, or return them to the umbrella storage points of other participating stores. At present, 8 business stations have become advertising sponsors of Dutch umbrella

the umbrella sold by Dutch umbrella is not an ordinary umbrella: each umbrella has a plastic tag on its handle, embedded with Motorola RFID tags. Dutch umbrella regularly sends a staff member holding a reader to visit the participating stores to identify the umbrella. The information read is downloaded to the software developed by concept2 solution

dutch umbrella advertising umbrella and RFID tag

the information collected by Dutch umbrella has many uses: for businesses that pay $100 a month to buy advertising information on 100 umbrellas, these information proves that advertising can circulate; Where has their information been circulated in the city. Because users' friends usually try not to leave these details when testing, because umbrellas are vulnerable to damage. Sometimes customers will take them back, and the company can also know which umbrellas are still in circulation

dutch umbrellabn also uses software to print out relevant reports, showing the moving track of the advertising umbrella, and the formable shrinkage: 0 7% use these data for marketing. For example, a hotel may find that its customers often come from the area near the Municipal Museum, or after leaving the hotel, go to the museum Jinan to test the money. Make a careful promise: the area near the museum, which means that this area is the key area for other types of advertising

we provide our advertising sponsors with data forms to analyze the moving trajectory of customers, said rostmeyer, founder of Dutch umbrella

the plastic label including the RFID chip is also printed with the address of Dutch umbrella:. There is a local search engine on the station, which can search for stores or interesting places in the region, and advertising sponsors may also advertise on the station. Dutch umbrella finally plans to install a fixed reader on the umbrella placement point, and sponsors can also download the moving track of their mobile advertising information on their own

dutch umbrella's success will largely depend on whether it can sign a large number of advertising sponsors, establish more recycling points for advertising umbrellas, and prevent the loss of umbrellas from the circulation chain. Of course, the number of rainy days in a year also has an impact

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