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RFID technology applied to food electronic labels

it is reported that RFID technology solutions, which are successfully implementing the anti-counterfeiting and security tasks of Expo tickets, will be transferred to Xi'an World Horticultural Expo next year. The first order of Shanghai RFID technology applied to post Expo has been implemented. Shanghai RFID Engineering Technology Association was also established recently

at the same time, Abbott milk powder was recalled globally, making food safety the focus of attention again. The general office of the State Council recently issued the notice on Further Strengthening the quality and safety of dairy products, proposing to establish an electronic information traceability system, which is the first industry wide application of electronic labels. Electronic labels are gradually becoming popular. It can be expected that electronic labels will play a more important role in supervising food and drug safety, electronic ticketing, logistics and other aspects

electronic tags have come into life from the Olympic Games

electronic tags (RFID), namely radio frequency identification, is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It can automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not need manual intervention. It can work in various harsh environments, identify high-speed moving objects, and identify multiple tags at the same time. The operation is fast and convenient

electronic tags are well known to everyone. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, electronic tickets successfully completed the anti-counterfeiting and security tasks, making the advantages of RFID technology known to the general public

at the security and anti-counterfeiting technology summit forum of cards and tickets held in August this year, Zhang Xu, chairman of Zhongchao Guoding, expounded the characteristics of RFID tickets: uniqueness; With large storage capacity, tickets can save relevant information of activities and ticket holders; It has the function of reading and writing, and can realize the whole process digital management and status tracking from ticket printing, logistics distribution, sales to ticket checking; With automatic ticket checking function, it can not only improve the admission efficiency, but also prevent loopholes such as human tickets; Automatic statistics provide convenience for the organizer

it can be seen that electronic labels have outstanding advantages in application. At present, electronic labels are moving from large-scale games and exhibitions to the daily life of ordinary people. In the future, they will be widely used in food manufacturing, logistics and other fields, bringing more convenience to businesses and consumers

milk powder ID card may become a great opportunity

recently, problematic milk powder incidents have emerged one after another, once again sounding the alarm for food safety

electronic labels can play an important role in supervising food safety. On September 25, the general office of the State Council issued the notice on Further Strengthening the quality and safety of dairy products, proposing to establish an electronic information traceability system, requiring that the construction of the electronic tensile strength high molecular information traceability system for infant formula milk powder and raw milk powder and the formulation of relevant standards and regulations be completed by the end of 2011, and that the electronic information traceability system be gradually implemented in the dairy industry

at present, electronic information traceability system mainly uses electronic label technology. In fact, in foreign countries, electronic labels have long been widely used in animal husbandry and other industries and food safety, but it has been difficult to promote in China due to the lack of mandatory policies and high costs. The milk powder traceability electronic information system is the first with mandatory relevant policies, which will play a key role in promoting the large-scale promotion of electronic labels in various industries in China

some people believe that if the establishment of an electronic information traceability system in the milk powder industry is successful, it will bring opportunities for the large-scale promotion of electronic labels in China, and food and drugs, two industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, will most likely be used as a breakthrough in the development of RFID industry

broad prospects still need policy promotion

in the era of rapid development of IOT, the application prospect of electronic labels is very broad

electronic tag is essentially an identity authentication, which can truly realize one object and one code. RFID technology not only saves a lot of manpower, but also avoids the interference of human factors. Through the combination with computer technology, network technology, database technology, etc., it can track products in all links from production to sales, and grasp the dynamic information of products in real time. This plays a significant role in product quality supervision, improving the efficiency of warehousing management, data testing and statistics, and building a plastic industry cluster with four development directions

China is a large manufacturing country, and electronic labels can almost completely replace bar codes in the production process. Since most of its applications in the manufacturing industry in order to test the stability of its exact operation and derive reasonable control tolerances are closed-loop applications, chips can be recycled and reused, and the more applications, the lower the cost will be. Therefore, electronic labels have a broader prospect in the manufacturing industry

most of the electronic labels used in the retail field of consumer goods are disposable, which is easy to be constrained by cost. However, the use of this technology can not only reduce labor costs, but also better solve the two major retail problems of commodity shortage and loss. Data show that by using electronic label technology, Wal Mart can save us $8.35 billion in labor costs every year, and recover more than US $2billion in losses caused by theft. By turning off the power supply of the operator and impacting the motor, the dynamic information from the electronic label has a strong ability to obtain, so that the retailer can immediately feed back the market information, so that the manufacturer can quickly adjust the quantity and variety of products, so as to reduce the retailer's inventory and improve the utilization rate of funds

although electronic labels have a bright future in some fields, they still have many benefits and are difficult to promote in other fields. For example, in the field of food safety, if one dish and one fish are also equipped with RFID, the cost is too high, and the food of grain and oil is inconvenient to use, so consumers will not pay for this extra expense, so there are obstacles to promote to the end consumption link. If you want to promote RFID in the field of food safety and similar situations, the government should issue policies to give appropriate support and subsidies, promote the development of RFID technology, and reduce the cost to a level where the market can operate spontaneously

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