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Rheinland chemical won the 2009 Jung technological innovation award

Rheinland chemical lubricant additives (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned enterprise of LANXESS, a German special chemicals group Turn on the power switch of the machine body. With its excellent performance and characteristics of additive RC 5700, it won the 2009 Jung technological innovation award

Dr. Wei Lixing, technical director of Greater China of Rhine chemical lubricants Department, said: "through close cooperation with customers, we customize the additive formula, so that customers can benefit from Rhine chemical technology." Dr. Wei emphasized that R & D laboratories have made major contributions to business success. The scientific and technological personnel of Rhine chemical attended the award ceremony and took the stage. 5. Long service life received the award, And said, "we are very honored that rc5700 has been recognized by customers of forming shaft. Providing high-quality customized additive series products for customers in the Asia Pacific region has always been an important market strategy of Rhine chemical.

with Rhine chemical lubricant additives (Qingdao) With the establishment of the Co., Ltd. and its efficient laboratory, the technical experts of Langsheng's subsidiary company used good facilities and their own technology to develop the water-soluble metal working fluid compound additive RC 5700. Different from other compounding agents, this product is an environmental friendly product without chlorine compounding agents. In addition, from the initial stage of research and development, additive RC 5700 has been set as the product with the highest technical performance level. Tested by independent certified laboratories, it also shows excellent performance in extremely harsh conditions and environments

Jung group is a media organization originated from Switzerland and has a number of publishing houses in Eastern Europe and Asia. Since 2005, Jung has awarded technological innovation awards to individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to China's plastics industry, metal processing industry, packaging industry and food and beverage industry through technological innovation

the newly established Rhine chemical lubricant additives (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. began to produce industrial lubricant additives at the end of 2008. Rhine chemical (Qingdao) began to produce industrial rubber additives in 1999, during which it expanded its production capacity. Rhine chemical (Qingdao) has about 180 employees

Rheinland chemical is a chemical enterprise with a successful history of more than 100 years, committed to producing special additives and customized solutions for customers. About the development status and spatial analysis of plastic extruders 850 employees produce and sell products for the global rubber, lubricant and plastic industries. Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, the company has subsidiaries and production bases in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Rhine chemical is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Langsheng group located in Leverkusen, Germany

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