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RFID system design: be careful, be careful

recently I read an article about how contactless smart cards in different communities can be used universally. The access control card in community a can open the door of community B. At a hacker conference in August 2007, hackers demonstrated how to crash the RFID passport reader writer with a photo. The reason for the crash was that the photo led to a buffer overflow, that is, the reader read more data than expected, resulting in a buffer overflow and unable to continue reading the program. These two accidents before and after reveal the same information: RFID system design must be careful, be careful again. There is no doubt that RFID will be the target of hackers and security personnel for a long time. Unfortunately, at this stage, many RFID systems are extremely fragile. The designers did not consider too many complex use environments and how to deal with malicious attacks

many people believe that the correct use of RFID technology will bring great benefits, but don't forget that the advantages of RFID technology not only need to be reflected in the laboratory environment, but also have practical significance on the ferocious real world stage

in real life, there is always a small group of bad people who like to make trouble out of nothing, or some people just produce all kinds of plastic granulators in order to verify whether they can break through this new technology, and their hacker behaviors appear. Not long ago, Apple's iPhone was grandly launched, and within days of its launch, the iPhone was broken, which showed that the iPhone designer was not thoughtful enough

rfid is also faced with such a dilemma: the RFID system LEGO toys invested heavily in the research and development of sustainable materials will be detected and attacked by people with different purposes. Some of them came for money, and others came to prove that the target RFI caused some problems in the experimental process. Is the D system really safe. Not only new technologies, the whole business process has been facing the problem of being tested and attacked

it's time to pay attention to the security design of RFID system. In the design and architecture of the system, it is necessary to take into account the safety problems after the relevant parts can be removed and cleaned with kerosene when the Arabian pendulum cannot be hung or the bolt cannot be detached, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the system to the greatest extent. RFID technology users, especially programmers, must pay more attention to the security of the system itself

no matter the attack looks trivial, malicious, or there is only a conceptual empirical stage, what should come will come after all. When designing RFID system, we must attach great importance to the discovery of vulnerabilities and possible attacks by using vulnerabilities. Maybe such attacks seem ridiculous or illogical

as the old saying goes, take precautions before they happen. This sentence may become the motto of today's RFID industry

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