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Rhino shield reinforced Corning Glass is stronger

Corning gorilla glass is world-class in scratch resistance, and this product also has a lot of room for improvement. Cambridge university students have managed to strengthen the strength of Corning Glass. The special polymer formula called rhino shield is being patented. In the demonstration, a 255g metal ball fell from a height of 48 cm to rhino shield reinforced Corning Glass, and there was no damage. The working chamber volume of the climate environment test box should be at least 3 ~ 5 times the external volume of the tested product, while the ordinary gorilla glass would be broken only at a height of 9 cm

due to the addition of a special polymer coating, the body has a lifting rib hole layer covered with a nylon plug, so this kind of glass is about 0.028 cm thick. This new technology has been supported by a 459 easy-to-use 26 pound fund on KickStarter. It is expected that we will see small batches of finished products around April. Zhonghua glass () Department

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