Children's room mix and match decoration strategy

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Scientific and reasonable decoration of children's rooms is of great significance to cultivate children's healthy growth, develop independent living ability, and inspire their wisdom. Special attention should be paid to the safety and matching principle in the design and tone of children's room. So how to decorate the mixed style children's room? The following Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network provides you with some relevant information for reference only

children's room is a child's bedroom, living room and play space, and should add elements conducive to children's observation, thinking and play. In terms of children's room decorations, we should pay attention to choosing some multi-functional products with creative and educational significance

bright colors and lively style are the biggest features of children's room. Because children have rich imagination, different colors can stimulate children's visual nerves, and the ever-changing patterns can meet children's imagination of the whole world, which can be said to be an indispensable part of children's growth. Bright colors can not only attract children's attention, but also improve children's creativity and train children's sensitivity to color

children themselves are in a stage that needs human care and care. Therefore, children's rooms must consider their particularity in terms of vision, perception and touch, and need to be designed differently for different ages. In addition, the color of children's furniture should be bright and bright, preferably in light tones, such as light yellow, light blue, light pink, bean green, white or the natural color of furniture materials. Try not to choose deep tones





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