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With the development of the wooden door industry, people are more and more fond of installing wooden doors in home decoration. Among all kinds of bedroom doors, the bathroom door is the most vulnerable to damage, so how should the bathroom wooden door be maintained? Kaisheng wooden door tells you

with the continuous improvement of people's most demanding quality of life, home decoration has become the choice of more and more people. And what door should be installed in the bathroom in family decoration? Nowadays, many people choose to install wooden doors in the bathroom, because the wooden doors are soft and warm, and will not give people a cold impression. If you want the wooden door to be durable, you need to maintain it. Next, Kaisheng wooden door will share with you some tips that can prolong the service life of bathroom wooden doors

I. plate selection is the key

good plates can prolong the service life of wooden doors. To choose the high-quality bathroom wooden door, the main materials can't be sloppy

warm tips: choose the board of wooden door not only to be waterproof and moisture-proof, but also to meet the national E1 standard. Wooden doors that meet these standards are qualified and environmentally friendly

II. The installation process should be in place

when installing the bathroom wooden door, it is necessary to drill holes on the surface of the wooden door, and the multi-functional edge sealing adhesive strip can tightly wrap the cutting edge of the plate, playing a better waterproof and moisture-proof role

warm tips: choosing a good bathroom wooden door is only the first step. Water vapor is pervasive. If you want to be completely waterproof, you should try to choose a professional brand to be waterproof and moisture-proof in all aspects

third, observe more details

when choosing a bathroom wooden door, you must pay attention to details, such as unmanned design, which is the key factor for the success or failure of choosing a wooden door

warm tips: when selecting wooden doors, you must not miss small parts. Whether the wooden doors are made professionally can be known by observing the details

IV. back protection is very important

when choosing a bathroom wooden door, you must pay attention to the back of the door. The back board with double-layer decorative veneer can completely avoid the exposure of density board substrate, so that water vapor no longer has the opportunity to enter the board from the back of the cabinet. It is a good helper for waterproof and moisture-proof

warm tips: the veneer of the back plate is not only waterproof, but also one of the key factors to prolong the service life of the wooden door

with Kaisheng wooden door telling you how to maintain the bathroom wooden door, your wooden door can be used more safely and at ease! Carrying a profound history and culture, forward-looking vision and global business philosophy, Kaisheng wooden door is committed to providing high-quality, high-end, healthy and environmental friendly overall home solutions for villas, high-end residential areas, commercial clubs and star rated hotels, and is committed to building a world-class overall home famous brand





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