In 2014, the most popular simple small living room

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Simple and personalized life has always been my goal, and it is also a most suitable choice for small house decoration. It can not only ensure the living space of "five internal organs" in small space, but also make small life more bright and comfortable. Today, Xiaobian will introduce some of the most popular simple style small living room decoration renderings in 2014, taking you to play with simple life

the gray white fabric three person sofa with a regular solid wood tea table has become the protagonist of the decoration effect drawing of this small living room. In addition, there is no redundant living room furniture. In this way, the entertainment space is presented neatly. Adding a bunch of flowers to the wooden tea table will add a trace of natural true beauty, which also echoes with the pair of wall decorations in the background wall design of the living room, The colors depict the most beautiful scenery for the decoration of small houses. The hemp carpet on the solid wood floor can also be very comfortable to sit on at will, making up for the cramped space in the small living room and adding a sense of freedom

the white plain living room background wall lays a pure tone for this small space, and also uses the plain color link to narrow the decoration of small houses. With the glass windows beside it, it gives people a bright feeling. In the design of the background wall of the living room, an old style black-and-white photo has become a highlight, and it has also become the only decoration for the decoration of small houses, so that the beauty of memories hangs on my heart. A big red double sofa with two hemp single chairs, full of passion and vitality, also conveys the simple natural flavor. The addition of glass small tea tables, green plants and artistic small lamps embellish the fun of small life

the simple white living room background wall design, together with the bright French windows, set off a bright and clean environment for the decoration of small houses, and the choice of bright color furniture decoration is particularly elegant. The small home adds luster. The yellow green single chair is equipped with a metal frame and a wooden base, the small tea table is made of wood rods but with a colored board surface, the light pink sofa is simple and practical, and the overhead chandelier is glittering gold, Even the cloth carpet at the foot is pink, soft and comfortable, adding light to the small life, so the simple style of the small living room is warm and beautiful




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