How to clean the dirty wall cloth

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How to clean the dirty wall cloth

how to clean the dirty wall cloth

at present, the seamless wall cloth with good quality has been treated with water-proof, oil-proof and pollution-proof measures. The wall cloth treated with the three measures will not stick to the general sewage, fruit juice and oil stains, which means that the seamless wall cloth itself has the function of anti fouling

even if there are stains, the wall cloth is easy to take care of. Non concave convex wall cloth can be cleaned by tapping or using a feather duster on weekdays; Mild dirt can be removed by scrubbing with a white wet towel; Severe dirt can be wiped with a white wet towel dipped with some neutral detergent, which can basically be removed. Another major feature of seamless wall cloth is that it is scrub resistant, and it will not be scratched or scratched after scrubbing the same part for many times. However, the wall cloth is not resistant to the collision of blunt objects. If a small surface damage is found, it can be remedied with pigments or paints of similar colors

the wear resistance of seamless wallcovering is much better than that of wallpaper, and it is not a problem for ordinary long fiber fabrics to rub for dozens of times. Because the wall cloth is made of fibers combined and interwoven, thousands of fibers are gathered together, and its fastness and strength are huge. Therefore, once the whole wall cloth is pasted on the wall, it will undoubtedly add a layer of soft steel wire mesh to the whole wall. The wear resistance and strong fastness of the wall cloth are self-evident for the protection of the wall. Cleaning will basically not cause loss to the seamless wall cloth




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