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For people who first contact home decoration, the most annoying thing is how to find a good decoration company. When you decorate your home, you must find a regular decoration company. But now the decoration company is mixed, how can we identify the authenticity and good or bad? I suggest you try these five tricks:

◆ five looks:

1. Check the other party's business license

2. Check the qualifications of the other party. All units that undertake decoration projects of family rooms shall hold enterprise qualification certificates with the scope of contracting decoration projects

3. Check the skill level certificate of the decoration personnel, that is, the work license

4. Check whether the company has a fixed business site, and go to the field to see the size and strength of the company

5. Check whether the company uses the formal decoration construction contract issued by the industry management department, and whether it uses the standards of the technical specifications for residential building decoration engineering to decorate

◆ one look, two taboos and three cooperation: the owner looking for a good decoration company should generally look at two taboos and three cooperation

1. Before signing the contract, we should look more at the business license, construction qualification, material unit price and management system, service mode, etc., that is, the above five items

2. Do not keep your quotation closed and the material has no brand in signing the contract; Avoid blindly wanting to be cheap, coveting to give small gifts, coveting small things and losing big things, especially guard against the trap after the base price is introduced

3. After signing the contract, Party A and Party B should actively cooperate and make concerted efforts. They must not be confrontational and artificially add obstacles. They must support each other, communicate and understand each other, and finally achieve the benefits of both parties

◆ look at software and hardware: good decoration companies have strong hardware and software

1. The quotation is detailed, and the items are reported item by item without omission

2. The material brand is clear, which is convenient for customers to compare prices with the market

3. Strict management system, discipline and law-abiding, and win the trust of customers with excellent service

4. Win with professionalism, and design different works that meet the use function and visual effect according to different customer conditions

a good decoration company should not only have excellent hardware, but also good software, excellent design ability and original style, excellent service and excellent reputation. In addition, after-sales service can not be ignored. A good decoration company can really achieve one-stop service




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