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Today's editor will talk about "the principle of gas producer and the working principle of gas pressure reducing valve"

today's editor will talk about “ Principle of gas producer and working principle of gas pressure reducing valve ”, What is a gas producer? What is the principle of gas producer? What is the working principle and function of gas pressure reducing valve? Today, I will talk about what is a gas producer, the principle of a gas producer, and the role of the pressure reducing valve of a gas tank? Next, let's take a look at the pressure reducing valve of gas generator and gas tank

gas producer is an equipment that provides mixed producer gas for hot processing workshops in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, refractory and other industries. The gas producer is equipped with a single bucket lifting coal feeder, which adopts a double sealed bell jar to automatically add coal, and uses a wet ash tray to automatically discharge slag. The grate transmission mechanism is all designed outside the furnace, which is reliable and convenient for installation and maintenance

the working principle of the gas producer is a device that uses coal as raw material to produce gas for gas equipment. The solid raw coal is added from the top of the furnace and moves downward with the operation of the gas furnace. While encountering the counter current of the gasification agent (air, steam) entering from the bottom of the furnace, it is heated by the high-temperature gas in the fuel layer at the bottom of the furnace, and physical and chemical reactions occur to produce crude gas. This crude gas (i.e. hot gas) can be directly used by combustion equipment after rough dedusting. In this way, several areas are formed in the gas producer, which are generally called “ Layer &rdquo

the advantages of the gas producer: the full water jacket is adopted, which has high steam output and no disordered pressure, which is conducive to gasification. The steam source for the self-use of the gas producer is sufficient, and it can be used for bathing for 50-60 people. The cooling effect in the furnace is good, and the inner jacket of the water jacket is not deformed; The main lining of the furnace is made of 16mm boiler steel plate, and the outer lining is made of 12mm ordinary steel plate. Compared with other manufacturers, it is resistant to oxidation, corrosion and high temperature, and improves the service life of the furnace

the gas generator is equipped with an adjustable coal separator baffle, which is used in combination with a cone-shaped coal separator device. The coal is evenly distributed, and the fuel thickness of the furnace section is basically the same, so as to improve the gasification efficiency of coal and prevent the occurrence of fire deviation; The furnace adopts a five layer tower shaped pentagonal grate, and the material is steel castings. The grate is reasonably designed, which can evenly distribute the negative gasification agent and slag during operation. The distribution of the material layer in the furnace is relatively undisturbed, which can be in the best gas production state and reduce the carbon content of the slag

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