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Opening of Beihai Guanghe Huiyun Singapore Telecom call center project

on March 26, double happiness came to Beihai high tech Zone: the project of Beihai Galaxy city science and technology industry city (phase I) was started, and the project of Guanghe Huiyun Singapore Telecom call center was opened. The centralized commencement ceremony held that morning was simple and warm. Wang Ke, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, announced the commencement of the business, and mayor linshanqing delivered a speech

Lin Shanqing pointed out that the commencement of the Beihai Galaxy city science and technology industry city (phase I) project and the opening of the Guanghe Huiyun Singapore Telecom call center project are of great significance for creating a high value-added electronic information industry chain integration platform, providing a smart and intelligent soft environment for the development of high-tech industries, promoting supply side structural reform and accelerating the upgrading and development of the 100 billion yuan electronic information industry. All departments at all levels in the city must strive to provide the best service, provide strong guarantee, create a good industrial development environment, fully support the construction and operation of projects, and support enterprises to become bigger and stronger

Lin Shanqing said that innovation is the first driving force to lead development. We are willing to work with enterprises to seize the major opportunity of the national implementation of the the Belt and Road strategy, follow the development concept of innovation, coordination, openness, green and sharing, deepen the innovation driven strategy of the combination of real machine barrel and screw, strengthen the dominant position of enterprise innovation, strive to form a market environment and mechanism advantages conducive to the innovation and development of high-tech enterprises, and make the high-tech industry the main force leading the development of Beihai. Galaxy company is a backbone enterprise that has developed in Beihai for many years, and Guanghe company is a new force that has just entered Beihai. It is hoped that new and old enterprises will take root in Beihai together, adhere to innovation and development, make full use of their own technology and resource advantages, provide perfect services for high-tech industries, and continuously expand themselves in the service, so as to make positive contributions to accelerating the development of high-tech industry clusters in Beihai and creating a new situation of reform, opening up and scientific development in Beihai from a new starting point

Li Wei, chairman of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, liaodequan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, wuguohui, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, director of the publicity department and vice mayor of the Municipal People's Congress, pengmingda, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the municipal Party committee, tangxinlin, chairman of galaxy, and mengqingxue, chairman of Guanghe witnessed it

it is reported that Beihai Galaxy city science and technology industry city (phase I) project is invested and constructed by Beihai Galaxy company. The industrial city is planned to be built along Kunming Road of Galaxy Science and technology park. It will be built into an urban science and technology industry comprehensive operation base integrating R & D, production, office work and product promotion, with complete commercial and living supporting facilities, and create a high value-added industrial chain integration platform for Beihai. The land area of the project is 36000 square meters. With the budget tightening of the park, the total construction area is 155000 square meters. Four scientific research incubation buildings, exhibition centers and other supporting facilities will be built. After the completion of the project, it will attract enterprise headquarters or software and information technology services, cultural creativity, modern logistics, financial services, science and technology services, business services and other industries. It is estimated that it can accommodate more than 500 enterprises and the output value can reach 5billion yuan

Jiangsu Guanghe Huiyun Technology Co., Ltd. is currently the largest distributed cloud platform operator in China. The main construction contents of the Guanghe Huiyun Singapore Telecom call center project this time include the establishment of cloud platform, solution center, operation and maintenance center and call center; Build five application platforms and other software system platforms, including IDC machine room (T3 standard) of the Internet data center and e-commerce cloud based operating system. Build a call center with a total seating capacity of not less than 1000. After the completion of the project, it can meet the requirements of distributed cloud computing, carry the call center business of Singapore Telecom Group to be transferred to Beihai high tech Zone by stages and batches, and provide OA, ERP and E-commerce Jinan gold testing machine performance index tensile testing machine can measure a series of strength and plasticity indexes of materials. Obama said on the official blog of the White House: "We are here because of hosting services. At the same time, we will provide Guangxi oriented IT service outsourcing business, information industry solutions, and technology outsourcing services related to Internet, big data, cloud computing and other related fields. After the formal operation of the project, we will effectively strengthen the substantive cooperation between Guangxi and ASEAN, promote the development of software service outsourcing industry and e-commerce industry in Beihai high tech Zone and even Beihai City, and give Beihai The IT industry provides a platform for external absorption and expansion

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