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Development status of China's beer and beverage filling machinery industry (I)

industry development review

after the founding of the people's Republic of China, China has successively established some filling equipment production plants. However, during this period, it was mainly some small equipment, and the technology was relatively backward

in the late 1960s, some experts and scholars brought back the beverage filling production line technology from Germany through investigation and successfully trial produced it in China. This technology was purchased by an enterprise and quickly made into products and put on the market. It can be called the first generation of beverage filling technology with modern significance in China

In the early 1980s, the state began to actively introduce foreign advanced filling technology. It has successively introduced beverage filling, beer filling and other technologies from Germany. At that time, the filling technology was mainly controlled by a few state-owned enterprises, and the whole market basically presented the characteristics of the seller's market

with the advance of reform and opening up, a number of small and medium-sized enterprises are at a loss about the market economy, and the enterprises encounter great difficulties. Some enterprises that used to be engaged in machine tool and agricultural machinery manufacturing turned to the development and manufacturing of filling equipment. In addition, the beer and beverage filling machinery industry has a huge market space, and some private enterprises are optimistic about this industry and have joined the production of beer and beverage filling equipment. The number of manufacturers gradually increased, and the market gradually changed from a seller's market to a buyer's market

in this case, the beer and beverage filling machinery industry and even the entire food packaging machinery industry have expanded rapidly, and the manufacturers and market scale have increased rapidly. In 1981, the Ministry of machinery industry established the packaging machinery committee of China Packaging Technology Association and the food machinery professional association of China Food Industry Association in 1984. In September 1989, the above two secondary associations merged to form the China food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association (a national first-class association with a corporate body). Taking this as the starting point, the food and packaging machinery industry has been truly established, and has become one of the ten industries in which Jinan experimental machinery factory has the courage to promise, innovate, and take the responsibility of directly managed by the Ministry of industry. Its manufacturing technology level and overall strength have been further improved. Compared with China's machinery industry, the formal establishment of the food packaging machinery industry is 32 years late

China's beer and beverage filling industry is not only an industry with a long history, but also a young industry. At this stage, many enterprises that entered the filling industry in the s or even in the late 1990s have become leading enterprises in the industry, occupying a large market share and leading the industry's advanced technology level. The technical level of the filling machine industry has also been greatly improved, which has greatly narrowed the gap with the international advanced level. Many manufacturers have gone abroad and have done a good job in cultivating talent teams in China's beer and beverage filling equipment for export to countries all over the world

overall situation of the industry

in 2004, the total market volume of beer filling machine industry and beverage filling machine industry in Chinese Mainland was 4.5 billion yuan. Among them, the total market volume of beer filling machinery industry is 1.5 billion yuan; The total market volume of the beverage filling machinery industry is 3billion yuan. In the past five years, the beer filling machine industry and the beverage filling machine industry have maintained stable growth with the laboratories of quality inspection units, and the beer filling industry has basically maintained a growth level of%; The beverage filling industry basically maintained a growth level of%. Looking at the growth in 2004, the beer filling machine industry accelerated, with an annual growth rate of 14.6%, and the beverage filling machine industry had an annual growth rate of 16%

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