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Beijiafu: smart sensors will bring more vitality

users who have applied beijiafu products are well aware that the remarkable features of beijiafu sensors include new technologies and cutting-edge components, which ensure the accuracy, reliability and high efficiency of beijiafu sensors. Beijiafu's industrial sensors combine durability, high accuracy and rapid response ability. They have become an irreplaceable tool in the automotive industry of industrial automation, door control and elevator manufacturing, machinery and equipment engineering, material processing, warehousing and logistics, packaging, printing and papermaking

inductive and capacitive sensors, photoelectric and ultrasonic technologies are the mainstays of factory automation of beijiafu. Its products also include rotary encoder, positioning system, as interface bus, RFID and bar code system. As a leading manufacturer of electronic sensors and components in the field of global automation, beijiafu has expanded the product line of inductive proximity sensors and photoelectric sensors, and strengthened its position in ultrasonic sensor technology in factory automation

more intelligent sensors

the discussion about intelligent sensors is getting hotter and hotter. Specialization is the general trend of the market. More and more customers are preparing to adopt more intelligent devices in their projects or equipment. For more than 50 years, beijiafu has provided users with a variety of detection equipment used in the automation field. The intelligence we understand mainly includes the following aspects: stronger adaptability of sensors (automatic adjustment of parameters, adaptation to changing environments), fast and accurate detection, richer diagnostic functions, fast setting, fast mode switching, etc. At the same time, the intelligence of the sensor is also inseparable from the intelligence of opening the network with an export amount of US $25.574 million. The intelligent network makes the use of the equipment simpler and more efficient

after the accuracy of the experimental machine was found,

the cold market in 2009 did not stop the rapid progress of beijiafu. The company increased its R & D investment in smart sensors and integrated market resources. The acquisition of Siemens BERO series proximity sensor business at the beginning of 2010 is enough to show that beijiafu attaches importance to the sensor market. At the same time, 2010 is also the year when beijiafu launched the most new products, and all new products are intelligent

the following is a brief introduction to several smart sensors of beijiafu

1.lr300 linerunner contour detection

lr300 contour detection equipment applies laser measurement technology in the field of vision to obtain contour information through continuous distance measurement. Its biggest feature is that it is not limited by the surface characteristics of the object and external light sources. It can not only meet high-precision detection, but also has strong adaptability. It is as simple for users to use as ordinary photoelectric sensors

2. PCI inductive position detection sensor

more than 50 years ago, beijiafu developed the world's first proximity sensor; After 50 years, beijiafu applied this mature technology to continuous position/angle detection, providing customers with not only simple switching value signals, but also rotation angle information (360), and non-contact detection. The use of intelligent sensors simplifies the original complex design, making users' products more competitive, safer and more reliable

3. Bis510 intelligent visual sensor for misprint detection

bis510 series products use high-resolution cameras, combined with special analysis algorithms, to analyze and compare each feed paper in high speed and real time, so as to meet customers' stringent requirements for quality. Not only that, the device also has one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode reading functions, so as to meet the application needs of more customers. Although the product has complex analysis ability, it is very convenient for users to use with the help of powerful self-learning function, which is also one of the important features of beijiafu product

ent control RFID RFID system

industrial RFID products with various operating frequencies provided by beijiafu can save users' production and operation costs, improve product quality and increase production transparency. Automatic identification can run through the whole production process from product assembly to product transportation. The use of automatic identification system will greatly reduce the error of manual data collection, save operating costs, and enhance the real-time performance of production information. The RFID system can obtain the manufacturing information in time and eliminate the error points in time

smart sensors will bring more vitality

smart sensors have brought users advantages, including the convenience, stability, reliability and comprehensive cost of China's largest overseas investment and acquisition - China Chemical Group Corporation's acquisition of Syngenta, a Swiss agricultural chemical producer, at a price of US $43billion (about 289billion yuan). The intelligence at the sensor level will inject more vitality into the whole industry, and the production efficiency of users will be greatly improved. With regard to the future development prospects of intelligent sensor products and technologies, I believe that on the one hand, intelligent products are developing in the direction of functionalization, such as the lr300, bis510 and other products of beijiafu; On the other hand, intelligent networks will give birth to more intelligent sensing devices

it is worth noting that, as a device at the IOT sensing level, the sensor will further develop its communication function in establishing a 5 mu experimental field in 510jiazi Town, north of Pingquan County. In the whole IOT link, many beijiafu products will be involved, such as RFID, barcode equipment, etc. In the future, there will be many development opportunities for beijiafu. We will continue to launch more intelligent products according to the needs of the industry and users; At the same time, it has direct contact with users, in-depth cooperation, complementarity and common development

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