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On December 16, the meet2021 smart future conference hosted by qubit, a well-known media in the AI industry, was held in Beijing. AI industry manufacturers, scientific research institutions, investors and AI practitioners came to the scene to explore the development path of the AI industry. During the conference, the results of the annual selection of China's artificial intelligence sponsored by the organizer quantum bit were announced. With its outstanding performance in the AI voice and data industry, standard Bay technology won the top 10 Chinese artificial intelligence star startups in 2020. With standard Bay, many manufacturers such as Xiaobing and Orion star were also selected. The year-end reward is gratifying

through the list, there are late starters and first movers in the actual combat of AI in the vertical field, industry pioneers who have found a new path and created a new track for AI development for the next experiment, and adult and independent companies who have cultivated technology under the wings of giants for many years

it took three months from the release to the selection results of this meet smart future conference, and more than hundreds of institutions and individuals participated in the evaluation. Qubit has selected outstanding representatives in the fields of enterprises, product solutions, people, technology, etc. from multiple dimensions, combined with the actual interviews, research and analysis of hundreds of AI companies since this year, and through the screening and recommendation of dozens of industry experts. This time, Biao Bei technology is among the top 10 star companies, demonstrating the high-speed development trend of Biao Bei technology in the AI voice and data track. Relying on the strength of advanced voice technology and a solid data foundation, Biao Bei technology has created a series of industry application solutions, which have been recognized by industry partners and become the first tier in the industry

as we all know, 2020 is a special year. Since the beginning of the new year, the epidemic has disrupted the operation and development of many enterprises. In the face of the unexpected but coming risks and challenges, Biao Bei has taken the scientific and technological crisis as an opportunity and the passive as the initiative, actively adjusted the strategic rhythm, raced against time, closely followed the needs of customers, strengthened the investment in technological innovation, improved the service level of the scheme, expanded the product matrix, and launched a series of technical products and schemes including sound reproduction, emotion synthesis, sound conversion, AI song synthesis, AI virtual human and data open platform, To meet the needs of more customer groups

among them, in terms of technological innovation, sound reproduction and emotion synthesis are innovative applications of voice technology itself. By reproducing sound and making sound full of emotional expressiveness, we can tap the personalized value of synthetic voice and better match the application of audio reading and AI education scenes. Sound conversion and AI song synthesis are the embodiment of the extension ability of voice technology. In terms of virtual idols, short videos, etc, There is a huge market application space. The introduction of the above technical solutions not only reduces the cost of model customization, creates a new voice interaction experience, but also sets a new benchmark for Industry Research and application

in addition, in terms of comprehensive voice interaction scheme, SBT launched AI digital virtual human product this year, which is based on the integration of face recognition, voiceprint recognition, voice wake-up, microphone array and other technology modules to upgrade the traditional voice interaction experience. The human-computer interaction application in different scenarios is realized through different schemes such as graphic explanation, double recording customer service, virtual assistant, etc. It is understood that in the development and construction of a smart city, the scheme of building a virtual human by Biao Bei has been fully applied in the corresponding smart exhibition hall, instead of manual welcome and regional feature introduction, to accelerate the development process of urban intelligence with cutting-edge digital technology, and to create a new human-computer interaction experience by using multi-dimensional AI technology

for example, in the customer service interaction process, customers can configure dialogue nodes in the background system, make the interaction between people and devices more natural through a variety of interactive confirmation means, and program repeated customer service activities, so that virtual people can better provide all-round and multi period services, which can be fully applied to financial, retail, enterprise and other scenarios

in terms of AI data services, in addition to enriching the categories of AI data products and improving the quality of standard acquisition services, SBT also actively cooperated with Northwestern Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University, Xiamen University and the speech dialogue and hearing professional group of Chinese computer society to jointly launch the flagship activity of ieeeslt2021 Seminar - Children's speech recognition challenge (CSR), by providing nearly 400 hours of high-quality adult reading data and children's reading Dialogue and other entry data attracted nearly 60 companies from different parts of the world. 4 Universities, scientific research institutions and manufacturers in the tensile test area (strength indicators include: spring modulus, specified non proportional elongation stress, tensile strength, maximum force, etc.), covering Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, the United States, and areas where the upper edge of the new scale is in a horizontal slope, provide a data base for industry, University and research, and promote the rapid development of the industry. It has received attention and praise from industry institutions and voice data practitioners

as an enterprise driven by AI technology innovation, SBT adheres to the concept of voice connection scenario and data service technology, and makes human-computer interaction better and simpler through a temperature and personalized voice interaction scheme. At present, SBT has established cooperation with more than 100 enterprise customers at home and abroad, including Microsoft, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Didi, ByteDance, Yi, 360, Samsung, etc., with a total of more than 500 service projects, covering automotive, education, customer service, retail, reading, intelligent hardware and other fields

with the continuous combination of 5g+ai, AI voice technology will be integrated into more application scenarios, making the interactive experience more diversified and personalized. SBT will increase investment in technological innovation and provide better solutions for the industry

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