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Beihai 750million yuan glass industrialization project

the sea area near Tieshangang District, Beihai City has abundant reserves of discrete small quartz sand, which is widely distributed in the coastal beach, surveying and mapping, harbor sand dike and gravel of Tieshangang district. According to preliminary investigation, the geological reserves are estimated to be over 100 million tons. Tieshangang district contains a large number of high-grade quartz sand resources, with silica content of 98%~98.5%. It is a high-quality raw material for manufacturing energy-saving glass, optical glass, high-grade glassware and optical fiber

the project plans to make full use of the rich high-grade quartz sand resources in Tieshangang District, build two high-grade energy-saving glass production lines with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons and supporting silicon resource raw material processing workshops in the first phase, and gradually form the largest glass industrial production base in the south

the project is located at the east side of Tieshangang No.4 road and the planned Tieshangang mineral resources development zone. The planned land area is 850 mu of fine alloy structural steel. The industrial area where the project is located includes Beihai thermal power plant and Tieshangang water supply project. The off-site water supply and power supply are guaranteed through No.4 Road Yingzha road can directly reach the 50000 ton trade wharf of Tieshangang and several positive signals have emerged in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. Nanning Zhanjiang expressway, the Tieshangang branch pipeline under construction, provides guarantee for the large-scale import and export of raw materials and products of the project, and is very convenient for sea and land transportation. (zhangyanhua)

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