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Beiben heavy truck expands the international market with "lean marketing" beiben heavy truck expands the international market with "lean marketing" guide to China Construction Machinery Information: Recently, 120 SKD spare parts sold by beiben heavy truck company of the first machinery group of China ordnance industry group to South Africa are under intense preparation. This is not the first time that such spare parts have been widely used in the fields of automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and chemical industry. However, the traditional whole vehicle export has been replaced by the bulk export of spare parts. The change of this sales model is in the marketing history of beiben heavy truck

recently, 120 SKD spare parts sold to South Africa by beiben heavy truck company, the first machinery group of China ordnance industry group, are under intense preparation. This year is not the first time for such export of spare parts, but it is the first time in the marketing history of beiben heavy truck to replace the traditional vehicle export with bulk export of spare parts. This change should benefit from the company's "lean marketing" concept

since the beginning of this year, affected by the slowdown of world economic growth, the sales situation of the global heavy truck market is not optimistic, and the domestic heavy truck market has fallen to an unprecedented low. The sharp decline in sales performance makes the process and technology of lithium extraction from salt lake of commercial vehicles more demanding. Dongfeng, sinotruk and FAW, the top three in the industry, all complain incessantly, making beiben heavy truck under great pressure. How to survive the "severe winter" of the heavy vehicle market is a difficult problem for the company

in order to solve this problem, the company started with the activity of "suggestions on rationalization of lean production and fine management", focused on the market, worked hard to find problems in the whole process of production and operation, gained benefits from continuous improvement and sought benefits from management. Combined with the inaccurate positioning of lean thinking, the company has determined the "lean marketing" focusing on cost reduction and efficiency improvement for the international market through long-term tracking, research and judgment of the market. The so-called "lean marketing" refers to the marketing method of breaking up the whole vehicle into parts for export, reducing vehicle transportation costs, import duties and other costs through the assembly of parts, greatly reducing the terminal sales price, and making the sales method beneficial to customers, so as to achieve the goal of small investment, high output, cost reduction and sales volume. For this reason, beiben heavy truck Co., Ltd. has designated Africa, the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia as key export regions of spare parts, and has successively prepared to build beiben heavy truck overseas spare parts assembly bases in South Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya

the establishment of the assembly base has reduced the vehicle cost and greatly attracted the attention of more local users; Price reduction without quality reduction has improved the reputation of the "beiben heavy truck" brand; The fast delivery, complete spare parts, convenient maintenance and fast service have satisfied many local traditional users and favored many new users, greatly increasing the sales of beiben heavy trucks. At the same time, the automobile company also takes the international marketing strategy as the core, takes the international marketing network as the platform, formulates different business policies for different countries and different customers, and formulates an independent foreign trade price system according to the market characteristics of different countries, so as to meet the differentiated needs of different customers with appropriate products; Taking large companies, large projects and large contracts as the starting point, we will increase the number of single contracts signed to ensure efficient performance of orders

up to now, the company's bulk export has increased by nearly 5 times compared with the same period last year, and 2321 effective foreign trade contracts have been signed, with a year-on-year increase of 10%; 2000 sets of trains were started, with a year-on-year increase of 20%. On the basis of the existing 20 dealers in Algeria, Malaysia and Indonesia, the company has newly developed dealers in Thailand, Yemen and other four countries. The establishment and implementation of the new marketing concept has greatly accelerated the company's march into the international market

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