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The beer and beverage machinery industry is in urgent need of food grade lubricants

with the deep awareness of environmental protection, the beer and beverage machinery industry is in urgent need of high-quality food grade lubricants. In the beer and beverage machinery and equipment, the key is the filling machine. The wine jar, distributor, filling valve, gland head and other parts of the utility model must be in contact with beer and beverages, so the sealing rubber used in these parts must be edible rubber. EPDM rubber material is widely used in the food industry because it has the following marketing statement verified by UL: it is harmless when burned. Its main advantages are: it can resist ultraviolet aging, slow oxidation reaction, wide temperature range (- 30 ℃ - 80 ℃) and acid-base erosion. Poor mechanical strength and non wear resistance are the disadvantages of EPDM rubber. Moreover, it is expensive. Therefore, lubricants must be used to protect it from premature wear and aging

most beer and beverage factories in China still use animal oil and medical Vaseline on EPDM rubber. Their disadvantages are as follows: first, animal oil has corrosive effect on EPDM. Generally, it has different taste after repeated contact, which is very easy to mix with beer and affect the taste of beer; At the same time, the shelf life of animal oil itself is not long, and it is easy to produce bacteria to pollute beer, thus shortening the shelf life of beer. 2、 When Vaseline is used in a certain temperature and pressure environment, bacteria may be produced in 100 hours, and there is an acidification trend at the same time; For more than 200 hours, regularly clean the mechanical and electrical equipment and start to turn sour, which will not only affect the taste, but also corrode the equipment after long-term use. 3、 These two products will directly reduce the surface tension of beer liquor and affect the formation and durability of beer foam. If it is lubricated once a week, the EPDM rubber is in a dry friction state for most of the time. The rubber powder produced after long-time friction will be brought into beer or beverage, so that the product cannot pass the quality inspection. 4、 The lubrication performance and durability of these two products are very poor, which will greatly shorten the service life of EPDM sealing rubber and increase the production cost. At the same time, it has entered the high-speed development stage, and the frequent re lubrication times have lengthened the downtime, affecting the continuous production. The use of animal oil and vaseline in beer and beverage equipment has fallen far behind the international level. With China's deepening reform and opening up, China's food is bound to join the competition in the world market, which requires manufacturers to consider the impact of food processing equipment and production environment on human health and environmental protection. To strengthen the competitiveness of Chinese food, it is necessary to use high-quality food grade lubricants

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