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Beifu ax8000 multi axis servo system won the cec216 best product award

[November 2, 2016, China] on November 2, 2016, the control engineering China (CEC) 2016 best product award presentation ceremony was grandly held in Shanghai during the China International Industry Expo. 52 industry manufacturers from home and abroad and more than 350 industry users witnessed the moment of this honor. The ax8000 multi axis servo system of German Beifu won the cec216 best product award for its excellent quality and innovative value

beckhoff's new ax8000 multi axis servo system has a compact structure, saves the installation space of the control cabinet, and can achieve high-precision positioning and processing with a very short control cycle. The control algorithm based on FPGA and multi-channel current control technology can realize the sampling and response time of current loop control less than 1 microsecond and the speed control cycle time as low as 16 microseconds. The quick installation and commissioning can be realized by simply plugging in with the required shaft module. The single cable technology (OCT) integrates the power supply and feedback signal into a standard power cable, significantly shortening the installation time and reducing the system cost. In addition, the safety function and power filter are directly integrated. Am8000 series servo motors are available in 7 sizes with a torque range of 0.5 104 Nm。

the annual Control Engineering China (CEC) best product award is one of the authoritative product awards that have attracted much attention from the industry control and automation, and the instrument industry. Since it was held in 2004, it has been adhering to the standardization, fairness and transparency of the selection process. It has become the earliest, most authoritative, scale and influence in the field of industrial automation control instruments in China, which can interpret the most influential product selection event in China in the past. This year's selected products were voted according to the four criteria of product innovation, market influence, user friendliness and product related services. A total of 3266 readers voted through stations, and SMS messages. Beifu's ax8000 multi axis servo system stood out in the selection of motion control products

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about biff Germany

biff Automation Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Weill, Germany. With branches all over the world and global partners, the company now has business in more than 70 countries and regions

Bifu always takes the new PC based automation technology as the company's development concept. The industrial PC, fieldbus module, drive products and TwinCAT automation software produced by Bifu constitute a complete and mutually compatible control system, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields. Over the past 30 years, Beifu's components and system solutions have been widely used all over the world

since the first representative office in China was established in Beijing in March2001, in may2007, Beifu Germany established a wholly-owned company in Shanghai and moved its headquarters in China to Shanghai. Since then, the company's business has entered a period of rapid development - a long-term subsidiary plant. At present, Beifu has set up offices in 24 large and medium-sized cities in China, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, etc. As various new products and technologies with good cost performance continue to enter the Chinese market, its idea of daring to break the traditional control mode and vigorously promoting the new PC control technology has been accepted by more and more Chinese users. For more information, please visit the official website of Beckhoff in Chinese at www. for a question that all manufacturers and users of thermal insulation materials that supply such products must seriously think about "economy or environment?"

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