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Zhang Huadong: special coatings become a market hot spot

Zhang Huadong: special coatings become a market hot spot

December 21, 2005

I The powder coating industry should establish industry standards and national standards

suggestions put forward by the Secretary General of the coating and coating professional committee of the Chinese society of chemical industry in his opening speech: "China's powder coatings have a single variety, many low-grade and few high-grade; the market is chaotic and difficult to control; the technical investment is small, and the gap between special-purpose powder coatings and foreign countries is large; there is a lack of corresponding national standards and industry standards; energy consumption is large, raw material consumption is large, and economic benefits are poor; the level of enterprise management is low, and the operation mechanism is unreasonable. These are the problems that many powder coating enterprises urgently need to solve." In this way, the problems encountered in the development of powder coating industry can be better solved (National Technical Committee for standardization of paints and pigments) made a special report on the preparation of the chemical industry standard thermosetting powder coating, The report said: "after decades of development, China's powder coating industry has become" the world's largest powder coating manufacturer, and its technical level and product quality are also constantly improving. Two chemical industry standards hg/t "powder coating for refrigerators" and hg/t "epoxy polyester powder coating" formulated in the early 1990s It can not meet the needs of product quality evaluation of existing powder coatings. In addition, at present, there are nearly 2000 powder coating production enterprises, the technical level and quality management level of enterprises are quite different, and the product quality is mixed. The voice of "urgently needed standards" in China's powder coating industry is very high. To this end, the National Technical Committee for standardization of paints and pigments timely declared the project of the chemical industry standard synthetic resin powder paint to the competent department of the industry, hoping that through the formulation and implementation of this standard, the purpose of industry self-discipline, standardizing the market and promoting the healthy development of powder paint can be achieved. " The main contents of the report include: the necessity of revising the standard and a brief working process; Principles and reference basis for revising standards; Applicable scope and classification of standards; Setting and indicators of standard items

Second, special powder coatings in several major industries have become a hot spot in the market

1. Shipbuilding industry and pipeline industry are a major application field of powder coatings

China needs hundreds of millions of tons of steel pipes every year. Steel pipes play a very important role in national economic construction. At present, some ship pipelines have been sprayed with powder coating, which has a strong momentum of development. With the continuous improvement of powder coating technology, its development prospect is very broad

epoxy powder coating for pipeline anti-corrosion is a new type of coating that is completely solvent-free, sprayed in powder form and fused to form a film. At present, the problem is impact resistance. The method to eliminate this kind of fault is: the property and hygroscopicity need to be improved. Researchers focus on the modification of various base materials for powder coatings. Compared with foreign high-quality products, domestic pipeline anti-corrosion epoxy powder coatings still have a certain gap in storage stability and coating workability. Epoxy powder coating is the first choice for new pipeline anti-corrosion engineering

2. The biggest demand for powder coatings in the future is the automotive industry

the automotive industry is China's pillar industry. It is estimated that the social ownership of cars in China will reach 20.6 million in 2005. Automotive powder coatings include epoxy polyester mixed type, polyester type, polyurethane type and acrylic type. The application of powder coatings in automobiles began at the beginning of the last century and was successful in spraying powder coatings on some auto parts at the end of 1990. With the gradual improvement of technology and the improvement of the performance of powder coatings, it has fully met the requirements of car coating, such as appearance decoration, weather resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, UV linearity, etc

at present, domestic powder coatings are mostly used in the automotive industry for the coating of automotive engines, chassis, wheels, filters, levers, reflectors, wipers, horns and other parts. Due to technical limitations, currently automotive powder coatings are only monochrome series, such as intermediate coating and varnish, because powder coatings cannot change colors as quickly as liquid coatings. In the future, the development of automotive powder coatings will strive to further improve the weatherability, UV linearity, low temperature, film and decoration. With the increasingly stringent requirements of environmental protection and the continuous improvement of powder coating technology, the application of powder coating will be more and more widely

3. Thermal materials are also an important application direction of powder coatings

the paper, plastic, wood and furniture manufacturing industry has become one of the largest users of coatings, and powder coatings have been successfully applied to the coating of thermal materials, and truly achieved industrial production. As a new coating variety with broad prospects, powder coatings will further occupy the liquid coating market. The improvement of the manufacturing process of UV curable powder coating and low-temperature curable powder coating makes it possible to apply powder coating to thermal sensitive materials

4. Powder coating also has broad prospects in construction engineering and outdoor facilities

powder coating of aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy ceilings, security doors, aluminum alloy curtain wall panels, highway guardrails, etc. according to statistics, in 2003, the world produced 830000 tons of thermosetting powder coating, including 281000 tons of weather resistant powder coating, accounting for more than 1/3 of the total. According to the prediction of relevant experts, aluminum alloy profiles in China will become the mainstream of the market in the next few years. In 2005, China's outdoor pure polyester powder coatings increased significantly, which fully illustrates the development potential of this market. However, with the extensive use of outdoor powder, customers' complaints about powder coating products have increased, mainly focusing on weather resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance, which need to be paid great attention by powder enterprises

III. special and functional powder raw materials will occupy the market

this is the latest concept of powder coating raw materials I learned from the annual powder coating conference. By Lu'an jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd., Anhui Shenjian new materials Co., Ltd., Fenghua Nanhai pharmaceutical and chemical group, DSM, cytec Tony, BYK and other companies have given special lectures. Although the raw materials of these powder coatings are expensive, it is the symbol of high-end powder coatings

IV. the competition for powder coatings will become increasingly fierce.

"low profit" has become a proper term for many speakers at the annual meeting of powder coatings and coating, Secretary General Liu of the coating professional committee of the Chinese society of chemical industry said: "In 2005, raw materials such as epoxy resin and polyester resin remained at a high level, and the growth rate of powder coating market, which is generally 15 mm wide, is still maintained at about 25%. Therefore, while enterprises continue to expand market share, profits have declined and capital risks have increased. Statistics show that the overall profit margin of powder coating industry fell by 35% to 40% in 2004. Large enterprises use effective funds to invest in synthetic resin and synthetic fiber." , special chemicals and basic organic raw materials, and expand the business scale to ensure a certain profit level. "

it seems that the cost factor should be taken into account whether the powder coating company is engaged in raw materials or management business in the future

the annual meeting of powder coating and coating industry has come to an end in the attention of the powder coating industry. It fully shows to people inside and outside the industry that the powder coating industry market in the 21st century will be larger and have a better prospect, but the competition will also be more intense

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