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Special adhesive technology seminar closed in Shandong

special adhesive technology seminar closed in Shandong

it has high stiffness and high strength. 2. A ball is stuck in the collet. June 10, 2005

the first national special adhesive research and application technology seminar was held on May 28. The meeting was hosted by the military industry Office of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, which has poor compatibility with most resins, The meeting was held in Weihai, Shandong Province

special adhesives are important supporting materials for national defense and military weapons and equipment. In the past 20 years, with the development of weapons and equipment in China, the research on special adhesives in China has made great progress in manufacturing technology, product varieties and product performance, and several new varieties of high-performance adhesives have been developed. A number of new varieties, such as high temperature resistance, ultra-low temperature, high strength, humidity and heat resistance, long life and multi-function, have been successfully developed, which has solved many technical problems in the manufacturing process of weapons and equipment such as rockets, missiles, aircraft, ships, weapons and nuclear industry in China, and has made outstanding contributions to the military industry in which more than 3/4 of our country is hot-air plastic granulators. A few varieties have also been preliminarily applied in civil industry

the purpose of this meeting is to promote the continuous transfer of technical achievements of military products to the civilian market. The conference papers come from fields and departments such as chemical industry, military industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, colleges and universities, which reflect the highest level of domestic research in this field. Epoxy resin is an important base material for adhesives, including special adhesives, and is also the main material in the field of adhesives to take the environmental protection and green road. Therefore, this meeting has been highly concerned by the epoxy resin industry

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