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XCMG special equipment for epidemic prevention rushed to rescue Shulan epidemic

recently, Jilin Shulan has a clustered epidemic, and the transmission chain is still further extended. The severe epidemic situation affects everyone's heart

with the recent outbreak of local epidemic, Shulan City, Jilin province needs to urgently invest a batch of garbage collection and transportation equipment to strengthen the closed cleaning and transportation of special garbage in 18 local towns. After receiving the news, XCMG responded positively and quickly, and completed the assembly of more than 20 small and medium-sized garbage collection and transfer equipment within three days, and transported them to Shulan across 2000 kilometers. They were quickly incorporated into Shulan epidemic prevention and interdiction team. The supply and demand of the aluminum powder industry market in Shulan is in a state of oversupply

1. Hold the line of defense and strengthen garbage collection, transportation and disposal

Shulan closed the city into a wartime state. Local residents are living at home. Daily life, home office and three meals a day will produce a large amount of garbage, and the increase of garbage is obvious. In addition, a large number of discarded masks, disposable gloves and other protective articles will not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also endanger the health of surrounding residents if they are not disposed properly

in the face of the surge of domestic waste and medical waste, and taking into account the factors such as the population distribution, daily garbage production and transportation distance of Shulan Township, the batch of epidemic prevention equipment delivered by XCMG this time are the preferred models for garbage collection in narrow areas. The equipment can minimize the retention time of barreled garbage on both sides of the street, realize daily cleaning, and transport the garbage in a timely manner without leakage and leakage, so as to avoid the spread and infection of breeding bacteria and block the route of virus transmission to the greatest extent

the epidemic is an order, and the time is. Due to Shulan's closure of the city, XCMG's batch of equipment was delivered at the local highway entrance, and relevant personnel were trained and instructed to ensure that the equipment was put into use as soon as possible

2. A complete set of plans will fight the "epidemic" to the end

▲ XCMG compressed garbage truck collects waste masks

at present, the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is generally stable and controllable, and the good situation is constantly consolidated. However, on the one hand, the resumption of work and production, the resumption of school and classes in various regions have been comprehensively promoted, and the flow and gathering of people have become more frequent to strengthen economic and trade cooperation with relevant countries and regions, increasing the risk of epidemic transmission. On the other hand, the outbreak and growth trend of overseas epidemic continues, and the import pressure of external defense is quite huge. Sanitation prevention and control work is urgent and must be carried out at all times

▲ since the service of XCMG multi-functional dust suppression vehicle in the front line of the "epidemic" battle

the national war "epidemic" started, XCMG's special equipment for epidemic prevention has done its best to ensure that the gold free spraying team can start to attack from the aspects of product structure, material design, color realization, mold design, etc., effectively contribute to the disinfection and sterilization and epidemic prevention operations in more than 30 cities and regions across the country, and effectively protect people's health and life safety; More than ten multi-function dust suppression vehicles were exported to the Middle East, contributing XCMG's strength from China to overseas epidemic prevention and control. This order is also the second batch of equipment after XCMG's special equipment for epidemic prevention first went to the Northeast in March this year to help the local fight against the epidemic, once again demonstrating the extraordinary strength of XCMG's environmental sanitation brand

come on, Shulan

XCMG's special equipment for epidemic prevention rushed to the rescue with all its strength

let's work together to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control

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